Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | June 29, 2011

Angels In Physical Form and a “Spark a’ Mark”

Who are your Angels in Physical Form?

Are you aware of them?

Where have they appeared in your day to day life?

How do you feel when you become aware of and meet one of your Angels in Physical Form?

Ah, my head is spinning today.  Is it the second cup of Starbucks?  Is it the having to choose which idea to share today?  Is it the afterglow of another Saturday class at The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta?  Is it the anticipation of the Oneness Blessing event about to happen at Lynn’s?  Is it the growing excitement for the Oneness Blessing event taking place tomorrow at The Transformation Retreat?  Is it still the concern that I won’t have anything to blog about? Ha!

This last one is way too funny.  Once the courage to start the blog was embraced, I’ve had many Angels share ideas, experiences and laughs with me that have already been saved as “Draft” posts.  I’m grateful for their friendship and their ideas and the experiences and yes, for the laughs.  I sense an abundance of ideas that you’ll be reading in the near future and I am Very Grateful for another area of abundance in my life.

Somehow the conversation at lunch Thursday turned to how I intend to have a positive ripple effect in the world.  How can I add a spark to your life when you could use one?  Well, after several different ideas were passed back and forth, the idea of a “Spark of Mark” landed.  How funny is that?  When you need a laugh or when you have an opportunity to be discouraged, just imagine a “Spark a’ Mark” being dropped into your pool of consciousness and creating a ripple effect of laughter in your world.  As you already have heard me say, “I don’t care if people are laughing With me or At me, as long as we’re laughing!!!”  So, if you ever feel like you’re out there, all alone, dealing with whatever it is you’re experiencing in that moment (that maybe you would prefer not to be experiencing), Imagine a little “Spark a’ Mark” being offered into your world.  It’s always your choice to laugh, or not.  It’s always your choice to shift your own mood, or not.  It’s always your choice, in that moment, to create what you want to experience.  I offer a laugh, a giggle, a visual of some crazy thing we may have experienced together, to shift your world.

Enjoy the journey.  We’re on it together!  And remember . . . It’s Your Choice to . . .

Feel Peace & Be the Transformer . . .



  1. Oh yes….you are one of my Angels in physical form!


    • Ah Dear Karen,
      You truly are one of My Angels in Physical Form. Thank You for all you’re doing for me.


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