Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | June 29, 2011

Life Is Funny. At Least Mine Is . . .

Life Is Funny . . . At least mine is!

You’ll hear me talk about my Angels In Physical Form. And the physical forms today/tonight are a purring machine (Phoenix) and one in perpetual heat (BooBoo). Yes, two of my three cats. (Dolly, I’m sure you’ll make it in here some day soon enough)

Yesterday morning it was 3:30am. Today 1:30am. Ah, some great Oneness Blessing music on the iPhone iPod that is always next to me, as the cats kept me awake. Then, further inspiration of topics for future blogs. I’m set for the next week and more. How is it I’m now awake and they’re all sleeping peacefully? I’ll go join them.

What are some topics that have been on your mind lately? Maybe something you’re hesitant to ask about?
What’s a question that has been stirring around in your head and heart that you’d love to dialogue about?
How do you laugh more with your life?

Would you like to hear how I laugh more AT myself? (when I puncture the front tire of my car with a garden rake? When I pull a flaming pan of s’mores out of the broiler?). I love My Enchanted Life.

As I’ve said for years, “When we can laugh at ourselves, we’ll never run out of things to laugh about.”

Please Comment.


Feel the Peace & Be Transformed . . .


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