Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | June 29, 2011

Nobody Can Offend Me Unless I Choose to Be Offended.

This has been a fun week with my friend Chris staying here.  I still don’t fully understand why he couldn’t stay at his 22nd floor place on 14th Street.  And, it’s been my gain having him here.  Since I was once a high rise dweller, I’ve been making fun of his concern that we don’t have a door man and that people may actually be looking in windows of the house on the back part of a fully wooded lot!!!

So, it’s 1:20 Friday afternoon when I hear the kitchen door open.  Now remembering that he works half days on Friday, I choose to let my heart rate return to normal.   I asked if he had eaten lunch yet and he didn’t hear me so . . . here’s the dialogue;

Chris: What’s your question Mark?

Mark: Have you eaten lunch yet? Exclamation Point.

Mark: No. I’m not pregnant. Period.

And now you get an idea of how this week has been.

Earlier in the week I was heating up some leftover Uncle Jason’s Pesto Chicken over couscous.  Chris reluctantly agreed to eat half of it.  Well, he couldn’t finish it and politely said that I should have eaten more since I could eat more.  Well, I immediately took offense with the idea that he thought I was so fat that I could eat more than he could.  It went downhill from there because any way that he tried to redeem himself, I was given an opportunity to be offended.

And yes, you can hear me now as I’m making fun of being offended.  “Nobody can offend me unless I CHOOSE to be offended!!!”  We laugh.

Just like “No one can make me a victim unless I CHOOSE to be a victim!”

And the real reminder, as I look at myself in the mirror speaking loudly and clearly, “I ALWAYS have a choice, in each moment, as to how I respond to any situation in my life!  No matter what is happening to me or around me, I ALWAYS Have A CHOICE~!!!  Love, Joy & Peace . . . or something else?”

Another blog idea – Remember that I’m always taken care of regardless of what happens around me when the dentist tells me it’s going to be $1,522 to replace the crown that fell off my tooth last night during dinner.

Feel Peace & Be The Transformer . . .


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