Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 1, 2011

My Birthday Celebration has already started . . .

Who knew milestone birthdays could be so much fun?  I’m still almost 4 months from my birthday and my first gift was presented to me yesterday.  Thank You Scott!  It’s Perfect.  I opened it while sitting at a little French bakery off the Square in Marietta.  And when we left, a woman at a nearby table offered birthday wishes.  Uh, why is she wishing me a Happy Birthday in, uh, June?  It’s warm.  It’s humid.  Leaves are still green.  I’m not in the “I’ll avoid Halloween parties just so I don’t have to wear a costume” panic.

Could it be the “Gift for the Birthday Boy” bag I was carrying?  Too Funny!

Seems I’ve always been the youngest.  Youngest of 7 kids.  Youngest of all the cousins.  Youngest in the class since my October birthday allowed me to start school at 4 instead of 5.  So now I’ve been harassing all my grade school, high school and college friends for turning the milestone number already.  They look pretty good being this age.  And I’m still 26+.

And I am noticing the wisdom that accompanies this age.  I still act young and have the reflexes of the 26 year old that kept us out of an accident on I-75 yesterday (Thank You Angels).  Yet I also asked directions to the French Bakery, thinking it’s safer to go a little further distance and make all right turns instead of making a left turn into the parking lot.

So I’ll be laughing and celebrating for the next 4 months.  Share the laughter by sharing a funny story about me in comments.  As you already know, I don’t care if people are laughing with me or at me, as long as we’re laughing!!!  I’m still learning WordPress and plan to upload my first pics this weekend.  Maybe a funny one or two or ???

Feel Peace and Be the Transformer . . .


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