Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 22, 2011

Many Paths. One Re-Awakening.

I feel like there are so many cool tidbits to share.  Many are coming from friends.  Many are coming from my own inner guidance.  Many are coming from conversations I’m having with friends as we help each other discover our own paths and our own inner guidance.

My friend Chris has been here this week.  We were sharing words of wisdom after choosing from Lisa Michaels’ Elemental Cards.  Pretty cool perspectives.

Chris said the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta is doing some good stuff.  I feel it’s allowing us to have our own path.  We each have our own unique path.  And his path is discovered by listening to his heart.  My path is discovered/uncovered by listening to my heart.  Your path is discovered & uncovered by listening to YOUR Heart.

I have the intention to find places where we are aligned and what we have in common.

The only thing we have in common on our own unique individual paths is the ability to quiet our own minds and then listen to our own inner guidance.  Otherwise, we each have our own unique path that won’t be the same for someone else.  All we have to do is allow our mind chatter to do whatever it’s going to do, listen for the inner guidance and then trust that guidance and follow it.  Open our hearts and Love ourselves and everyone and everything else!!!  Love is the key!!!

And then I was sharing Traffic Karma Fairy Dust with a friend who’s driving on I-75 headed my way.  As I made the hand gesture, Not the one that first comes to mind but the EFFECTIVE hand gesture, and making the appropriate Traffic Karma Fairy Dust sounds, I was accused of being a 12 year old girl.  I’m not denying that.  So, 12 year old girl vs. the 49 year old man that I resemble.  Well, in Phillip Collins book (to be revealed on a future blog because it has such words of wisdom he shares that Archangel Michael says our key is to keep the Joy of a Child alive in our lives!!! YAY!!!  I’m getting that one quite easily these days.

Be prepared for my first video on my blog.  It will show the EFFECTIVE hand gestures for Traffic Karma Fairy Dust!  It’s magical and Transformational!!!

Feel Peace & Be Transformed . . .


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