Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 23, 2011

Pool Rules

#1  NO Glass Outside, Near the Pool, In the Pool, Around the Pool, On the Pool Deck, at ANY TIME!!!

You may thank the 22 year old house-sitter who broke the red wine glass, poolside, while we were out of town, and then denied it.  The neighbors told us they enjoyed the music that weekend.  So, I guess it’s all perspective.  We earned points with a neighbor!  I won’t even go into details about the green plastic scrapings on the side of the pool from the, uh yes, canoe that we suspect he had in the water.  😉

#2 NO Wet ANYTHING, Towels, Swimsuits, Glasses, Plates, Sloppy Kisses, on Any Wood.

This includes the 17th century antique bed frame that I’m temporarily storing for a friend.  Let’s just say I’m thankful for some great wood cleaner/polish.  Looks like brand new!!!  (And I hope she doesn’t ever read this post nor do I want the dear friend who did such thing to ever read this post.  I Love you both and hope you still love me in return)

#3 Have Fun!!!

As long as it’s not at the expense of others.  Unless the “other” happens to be me.  You know my theory “I don’t care if people are laughing With me or At me as long as we’re Laughing!!!”  And I usually give you plenty of ideas and events to work with.

#4 And On the Eighth Day, It Is MINE!!!

Sunday pool party.  Monday text.  “Is the beige Old Navy hat Yours.  Were the Oakley sunglasses yours (that are now Mine!)??”  Unfortunately they were claimed on day 4.

Sunday pool party/potluck/Oneness Blessing event.  Day 13 Facebook post on friends wall “Hey Shasta! I’m making an exception to the rule, just for You!!! House/Pool rule #4. If it’s here on the 8th day, it’s Mine!!! Except for your sandals. I love the style. Wrong size! I’ll bring them tomorrow morning. Enjoy a Peace-filled, Magical Day!!!”

and how could I almost forget —

#5 Welcome to our OOL.  Notice there’s no “P” in it . . . Let’s Keep It That Way

Need I say anymore???

Please comment and . . .

Feel Peace & Be The Transformer . . .


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