Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 27, 2011

The Good News is “I’m Responsible”. The Bad News is “I’m Responsible”

Monday night while getting my hair cut:

Woman asks, “Where do you work?”

My reply, “12 steps up from my kitchen.”

Well, it’s actually 14, but who’s counting.  I then realize, I have another reason to join another 12 step program.  I’m addicted to my computer/iPhone/technology/office.

Well, I think I’ve already shared how I was connecting the dots one day and determining how I ended up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA even though all I ever wanted in life was to live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago.  I did enjoy my high-rise living days.  And, it all goes back to a 12-step program I attended in my mid-20’s.

It’s not the one that college friends thought I should have attended, A.A.  It’s H.A.  Yes.  Homosexuals Anonymous.  It’s ok to BE gay.  You just can’t act on it!  So, that’s a blog topic for another day.

Well, today I was ready at 5:45am to go to the aquatics center to swim and thought, oh, it’s probably a good idea to sync my phone quickly before I go.

It’s 3 and a half hours later and I’m still at the computer.   I don’t like the idea of being an addict because it has that victim energy to it.  I’m not a victim.  I always have a choice.  Yet, as a friend reminded me when I explained this to him he responded,

“Addicts make choices.  They are just generally not the best ones.  🙂  This means they are not victims.  You aren’t a victim.  You’re a blogaholic.  Accepting it is the first step.  LOL”

So, “The Good News is “I’m Responsible”. The Bad News is “I’m Responsible

In each moment, I always have a choice.
Choice on what to do.
Choice on how to feel.
Choice of how to respond to any situation.
Choice to listen in the stillness of the moment to the stillness of my heart.
Choice to listen to the default patterns of my thinking brain and all the chatter around me.
Choice to listen to ideas that take me down the road of victimhood, whether it be music, tv, radio, newspapers, people, etc.
Choice to listen to Uplifting, Inspiring Music, Websites, Blogs and People.
Choice to use the best thing about all  this technology; The OFF Switch!!!
Choice to feel like  victim.
Choice to be free!

“The Good News is “I’m Responsible”.

It’s my choice.  And, it’s your choice too!

Feel Peace & Be the Transformer . . .



  1. Ahhh Mark a beautiful reminder! Light and impactful – which is the best kind. Thank you!


  2. You are welcome Elizabeth. Thanks for reading and your note. Keep smiling and sharing that beautiful Light in Your Heart!


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