Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 29, 2011

Edgar Cayce & 2012

When I started noticing my concern/fear about 2012  and what I was hearing about it a couple of years ago, I knew that I wanted to have a neutral position about it.  Then I was presented with “The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012”.  Great viewpoints, sharing all different perspectives and ideas.  The main point I took from this book was that we, as aware beings on the planet today, could influence any changes with ease and grace and peace.  It’s our decision how we respond and react.  We, as a collective, are influencing the outcome.  Peaceful?  Not so Peaceful?  We have a choice.

Then I found “Did Edgar Cayce speak about 2012? Kevin Todeschi answers your questions “  Well worth the 6 minutes.  If we’re open to new ideas and a new awareness, then we’ll see and feel and experience it.  If not, December 22, 2012 will appear as any other day.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.

Enjoy your own exploration.  Please share your comments and viewpoints.  Your Unique Aspect of Divinity has something to share that only YOU offer at this time.  Please Comment . . . and Subscribe.


Feel Peace & BE The Transformer . . .



  1. Most interesting! I loved reading about Cayce & all the great info he gave. Check out

    It’s really interesting about the importance of INTENT.
    These are truly amazing times of personal growth. It will be very exciting when we hit critical mass & see more global manifestations of the changes- as in the Arab world, Germany quitting nuclear power, etc.


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