Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | August 26, 2011

Tis Better to Give Than To Receive. NOT!!!

We’ve all heard this “Tis Better to Give Than Yo Receive” for most of our lives. Well, I don’t agree with it. I took it on as someone else’s belief and now that I’m examining it, this just doesn’t work for me any more.

So let’s explore viewpoints and ideas about it.

Feel how good you feel when you do something for someone else. Feel how good you feel when you buy a gift for another person. Well, when we don’t allow others to do things for us, then we are denying them that good feeling.

We are also stopping the flow. The flow of Love. The flow of Appreciation. The flow of Gratitude and the flow of Joy. Lisa Michaels put it so succinctly. When we don’t receive the gifts that others offer us, it’s like trying to hold back the tides. Feel it for a minute.


Just like the flow of the tides.
In comes the tide.
Out goes the tide.
In comes the tide.
Out goes the tide.

Also as simple as . . .

Thank You.
You’re Welcome.
Thank You.
You’re Welcome.

These complete the circle. We can now move on to another ebb and flow. Another circle. Another Breath In and Breath Out. Another cycle.

Ah, what about breathing. We don’t take a breath and deny ourselves the exhale. We fully exhale expecting another inhale. We receive a gift fully expecting to have an opportunity to “Pay It Forward” and give to someone else. It’s a flow.

The tide rolls in.

The tide rolls out.

We thank and appreciate this flow.

This blog does have another reason for being written. I’m approaching the twentieth anniversary of a time when I wasn’t as appreciative as I might have been. I was dating someone who hosted a surprise birthday party for me. What a wonderful evening and wonderful way to spend my 30th birthday. We hadn’t even known each other for very long, yet he had over 40 people there to celebrate. When I greeted everyone, let’s just say I didn’t open my heart and say thank you. I played a role that I was upset that they had pulled off a surprise without my knowing. Ah, part of my learning and pat of my journey of Re-Awakening.  Breath.  Feel.  Relax.  and Let It Go!!!

This birthday is very different. I have so many wonderful family and friends in my life. I’m So Grateful to have them/you in my life. And if they want to share something with me for my 50th, Awesome!!! I open my arms and allow them the joy of giving. I trust that it all balances. Many of them have opened their arms & received when I’ve offered. I’ve opened my arms and received when they’ve offered. And I’m opening my arms now.

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Another new action for me is asking for what I want. Here it is, clear and simple.

A trip to India for my 50th so I can continue my Spiritual Re-Awakening at The Oneness University. 4 weeks of The Deepening Course and then 10 days to become a Oneness Blessing Trainer.

Yes. A trip to India. Feel the impact you could have on humanity by helping me continue my Re-Awakening process. How many more people can I inspire after completing the Deepening Course and then the 10 day course to be a Oneness Blessing Trainer. Wow.  That’s an impact.

Awesome!!! (Sorry Stephen Cavitt. Your voice inflections don’t transfer to the printed page.)

Besides. I still feel like I’m 26. Yes. The white hair says 50. The body and spirit say 26.

So listen to your heart. Help me Go For It and go to India!!! I’ll be a better person when I return. And the greatest gift for me to receive is your attention and intention. Whether it’s a prayer or a thought or some other way that you help others, please hold the space for me to be in India this fall.

I love all of you and am Very Grateful to have you in my life. I’m grateful for our journey together on this 3rd Rock From the Sun.

May you continue to go for your dreams, open your heart and RECEIVE the Love all around you.

Namaste Dear Ones.

Feel Peace.  Be the Transformer . . .


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