Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | September 1, 2011

Experiencing 5th Dimension Reality

Where do I begin?

Is this about Facebook & Twitter connecting us?  Is this about the Universe connecting us in unique ways?  Is this about UFO sightings over Mount Shasta?  Is this about the ascension of planet earth?  Is this about the Sand Dollar Principle from Vince Marx?  Is This a Good Sign thanks to Eric Dennis?  Is this about The Angel News Network whose mission is to bring the messages of the divine realm to the Earth plane to contribute to mankind’s spiritual growth and ascension by raising the consciousness, resonance and vibration of the world?  Is this about The Modern Day Mystery School?  Is this about us experiencing Oneness by sharing and experiencing more Oneness Blessings/Deeksha?  Is this about us deliberately allowing our limitations to float away so we consciously reprogram our DNA and allow our Magnificence to Shine?  Is this about Allowing and Holly Riley’s dear friendship?

Is this about us Trusting ourselves and connecting more deeply every day with our Divine within us?  Trusting our Intuition?  Trusting our Connection?  Trusting each other?  Trusting the Divine Unfoldment?


I’ve been actively removing the limiting beliefs that I have around accessing my awareness to new reality planes and states of being;  Fully Awakened/Enlightenment.  God Realized.  5th Dimension Reality.

So, I was sweeping the leaves off the driveway Tuesday afternoon and used a few DNA reprogramming techniques while doing so.  And then I noticed I was floating about 5 feet above myself with my feet grounded on the driveway.  When I try to write that this was a “new experience” for me, there’s a part of me saying, “It’s not new.  Just something you’ve hidden from yourself for almost 50 years.”  As I shared this story with a friend at lunch yesterday, he shared a viewpoint that resonates with me.

Some traditions talk about 7 chakras and that many of us have been grounded in our solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra.  As energy is shifting on the planet, we’re moving our “state of being” up to the heart chakra and a chakra above our heads, in the area of where our hands are when we raise them above our heads.  This rings true for me.  He then shared Tom Kenyon’s site and a way to help us access this awareness through the Crystal Palace Within guided meditation on the “Sound Gifts” link.  Ah, another way that life is falling into place for me.

And there’s no surprise that I’ve met Vince Marx who’s organizing Free Hugs for World Peace on September 21, 2011 all over the world!!!  He & I are laughing with each other through Facebook instant messages about how it’s no surprise to either one of us that we’ve met, at this time and place.

I sense a shifting of energy around me.  I’m noticing that I’m connecting more with the feelings and beliefs in mass consciousness.  And I’m grateful for this connection.

And Feel.  Feel whatever is there for you in this moment, at this time.
And yes, Enjoy!!!  Enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the connection.  Enjoy the Oneness!!!

There are no coincidences . . . and . . . there’s more . . .

Feel Peace & Be the Transformer . . .



  1. GO Mark!!! I can’t wait to check more into the Kryon website & do the DNA activations. This is truly an amazing time & how blessed we are to have such support & availability of information to help us transform! HUGS & keep up the great work! V.


    • Looking forward to seeing you soon Vera. Let’s chat about the DNA reprogramming. It’s been shifting my energy in amazing ways!


  2. Something seems to be going on for sure! There is a force that connects us all. Let us try to trust that it is good and then relax–even when sometimes things appear to be chaotic in parts of the world or even, at times, in our own lives. We will all come through okay sooner or later.


    • I agree Vince. And I congratulate you on all your efforts with “Fee Hugs for World Peace” One small voice making a Big Difference in the world!!!


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