Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | October 22, 2011

Pineal Gland Meditation and Activation

If what I say resonates with your heart, Cool.  If not, let it go.

Breath.  Relax.  Feel.  And listen to your heart.   Your answers are within your own heart.

It’s been a quiet month for posts yet it’s been a full month for me.  I have been listening to the Children of the Son Rites of Passage Meditations every day as we prepare for 11/11/11.  I’ve also been offering as many Oneness Blessings as possible throughout the Atlanta area and long distance.

How does your heart feel when you hear about 11/11/11?  How do you feel when you hear about 2012?  Please post a comment.  Check out the Rites of Passage meditations and feel your heart.  If they resonate, great.  If not, let them go.  There is a new meditation/activation offered each week of the 7 weeks between September 25 to November 11.  Week #5, Humility, was released  yesterday and I’m looking forward to experiencing it today while in beautiful Coconut Grove (Miami).  And that’s another whole blog post since I’m staying with a college roommate who I haven’t seen in almost 29 years!  Thank you Facebook!!!

I also was introduced to Tom Kenyon’s site several months ago by my friend Vera.  Listen and explore his Pineal Gland Activation/Meditation and also his Pituitary Gland Activation/Meditation through his Sound Gifts page.

I’m so grateful at how easy life is becoming.  Many lessons learned this year and I feel the profound impact they are having in my life.  Maybe I should say, some things I’ve heard for a long time are finally moving from an intellectual understanding to a heart-felt experiencing in my life and when we feel and know, then the transformation can occur . . . and the peacefulness naturally follows.  And my life is becoming easier as I stay in that neutral, peaceful place; no push against anything I may have resisted experiencing and no desire or pull towards anything I “must” have in my life.  While I experience the peace in the neutral place between the push and the pull, I realize that everything is unfolding in the Divine Flow and Divine Order.

So, if you are a Unique Aspect of Divinity offering your Unique Gift to the planet, none of the other 7 Billion people on the planet bring what you are offering.  And if I’m a Unique Aspect of Divinity offering my Unique Gift to the planet, none of the other 7 Billion people on the planet bring what I am offering.  So life just gets so much easier for me with this realization.  Every day I set the intention to be aware of others who are ready to hear my gift and how it may add a puzzle piece to their life journey and I set the intention to be aware of others who are ready to share their gift with me as I’m ready to experience their gift adding a puzzle piece to my journey.

Having said all this, I’ve been talking with two friends every day as we support each other on our journeys.  I offered the Tom Kenyon site and the Children of the Sun (COS) site to both of them.  Isn’t it interesting that I saw and have been listening to Tom Kenyon’s “Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti” meditation quite often.  The “Crystal Palace Within” references the Pineal Gland and how it allows us to reach heightened states of awareness.  Well, since I’ve been talking so much about the pineal gland and how much better I feel from listening to this meditation every day, little did I know that there is also a Pineal Gland Group Activation meditation on the Children of the Sun site!  Thank You Doug for bringing this to my attention.

So, today I listened to it and here is my comparison.

With both of them, take the time to read the explanations and follow some of the links to other pages about the Pineal Gland.  It’s worth the time to have a better understanding of it and how it assists us with our ReAwakening.

The 3D illusion of time viewpoint;  Tom Kenyon’s meditation, 16 min.  COS, 43 min.
If you want a guided meditation, listen to Children of the Sun since it’s fully guided.  If you prefer to guide yourself and have the music and sounds in the background, then the Tom Kenyon site is for you.
Each one brings a different set of music and gongs and sounds so feel which resonates with your heart.  You’ll know which aligns with you and you’ll know if neither fits for you.

And most important of all, FEEL how you FEEL after listening and experiencing the meditations.  Enjoy the experiences and FEEL how your life is changing and transforming each time you listen.  Breath and FEEL whatever appears.  Allow whatever experiences you are having to unfold and just keep breathing, allowing, experiencing and FEELING!!!

And please share your experiences, your reactions, your feelings, your journey, your thoughts and your life with us here.  I’d love to hear what’s happening for you as we all transform and connect more deeply with Our Divine/The Divine that is within each one of us.  And remember, your sharing your experience, Your Unique Gift, here may be allowing someone else to put a puzzle piece into their experience of life.

Namaste Dear Ones . . .

Feel Peace and BE the Transformer . . .


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