Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | June 25, 2013

Increased Income Program – Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

Oh we are funny beings, aren’t we?  Many of you have heard me state my philosophy of life — “I don’t care if people are laughing with me, or AT me, as long as we’re laughing”.  Well, laugh At me today and then we can laugh together.

The Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) hosts their annual Increased Income Program every July.  It’s pretty simple.  Sign up.  Be open to one of the Staff Ministers or Practitioners praying for you every day for unexpected income to come your way.  Read the daily affirmations/prayers every morning and evening allowing yourself to be more aware of the unexpected income.  Then, Be Aware of all the unexpected income that comes your way.  Once it arrives, spend 90% however you want and tithe the other 10% to SLCA.  Pretty simple huh?

Being the over-achieving planner that I am, I signed up for it a week ago and started doing the daily affirmations/prayers at least twice a day.  (Over Achiever thinks he needs more than twice so naturally, I’m saying them more than twice.)  Well, Roy called me earlier today and told me he uncovered some unexpected income; the refund from the current lender in his current refinancing of his mortgage is sending $500 more than he expected.  YAY!

Then, a few hours later, Roy left a message for me, stating that he discovered some more unexpected income and that he was going for 3 out of 3 today.  (The second check is a refund of some overpayments of his health insurance premiums).  Ah.  I’m so happy for him.  And I also felt the inside of me say “Yeah.  This works for him but it’s not going to work for me.”  I Allowed myself to feel it and I let go of that silly idea, feeling it melt into the nothingness from which it came.  And yes, I went and read the affirmations again.

So, the day progresses.  I made more business calls.  Took care of a few clients and then started back at packing more boxes.  Long story already so I’ll keep it from going much longer.

While on the phone with a friend, I started going through the books on the shelves in the office.  Sorting.  Organizing.  Starting a stack to give away so I don’t have to move them.  While leafing through a few books I pulled out some book marks and my business cards that I often use for book marks.  Hmmm.  That book has a thick book mark in it.  What’s that?  Hmmm.  I’ve had some weird marketing items given to me over the years, and yes that fake $1 million dollar bill . . . but I don’t remember getting a fake $100 bill.

Silly Mark.  First.  It’s not fake.  Secondly.  It’s more than one, more than two, more than three, more than four.  Yes.  You guessed it.  Five lovely pictures on good ole Ben Franklin staring back at me.  ha ha ha

I am So Grateful and So Glad that SLCA will be getting $50.01 from me as a nice start to this year’s Increased Income Program!!!  Yes.  I found a penny and haven’t found a way to give 10% of it so I’ll give 100% of it.

So if you resonate with this story, and want a little support discovering your own unexpected income, check out and join us by signing up for this year’s Increased Income Program.

Then Breath.  Allow.  Be Aware.

Feel Peace . . . and Be Transformed.



  1. Keep up the great work!  HUS – Vera



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