Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | May 9, 2014

Heaven and Hell . . . from the eyes of a Cat Referee.

Heaven and Hell, from the eyes of a Cat Referee.

I introduced a new cat to the house on Monday.  Kezhman came from the vet.  So, we’ve made it through 5 days without any blood.  Well, at least no kitty blood.  I have a few scratches from playing referee.  Khezman wasn’t welcomed too warmly since Pheonix has been an “only child” for a few years.  Well, now she’s the one that is scared and making funny cat noises as he just wants to welcome her into his home and share his love with her.

Earlier tonight, I had one arm stretched as far as it would go so I could reach her under the bed.  She’s growling away.  He wasn’t even in the room.  Eventually he came in so now the other arm is rubbing the neck of Pheonix who’s happily purring away.  He’s ignoring her funny noises and her hissing.  I realized that this is life.  We make our own hell.  We create our own hell by resisting what is.  Or we Allow our own Heaven.  We Allow Heaven by being with what is and feeling all of it.  When Phoenix wasn’t even in the room, Kezhman was growling, growling through fear, creating her own hell.  I continue to send her more light and love, knowing she’s only love and that all this fussing is only “anything that is not love” moving through her.  I know, and have experienced, they’re both furry, purring love machines (when they’re alone with me).  Now to Allow them to clear whatever it is to be cleared, as long as I don’t resist it.  And Allow them to be furry, purring love machines together, aligned in harmony, balance and peace.

I hear a noise down the hallway.  They are having a standoff in the office.  I hold her for a few minutes while she continues to growl, hiss and make other funny noises.  He wants to come close to investigate and to be friends.  I know it’s only a matter of time.  He’s not reacting at all anymore.  Another life lesson.  When we don’t react, and we Allow, the suffering stops.  We enter into the moment of pure bliss and in that bliss, we can Allow the magic of life to unfold.  As I’ve heard, “Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional”.  Suffering occurs in our head and no one else’s. We CHOOSE to experience heaven or we CHOOSE to experience hell.  It’s our Choice.  Breath.  Expect. Allow.  Breath again and Receive the Magic.  Receive the infinite Grace that our Divine is constantly rain down upon us.

I trust there will be a picture soon of the two of them sleeping together.  That’s heaven . . . for all 3 of us.







  1. Yes I agree. Introducing new cats to each other can be quite the challenge. I have even gotten a vetenarians advice on new cats relationships. I have been attempting giving Deeksha blessing on my cat and I have noticed some positive changes in her health and demeanor. Yes, there is hope! Think positive my dear.
    Michelle Ross


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