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You look Intelligent . . . but WHERE’s Your BIKE HELMET?

You look Intelligent . . . but WHERE’s Your BIKE HELMET?


I don’t even know the biker’s name, and I’m very grateful for the perspective he shared with me a few months ago. It all started about 15 years ago when I was living on the near north side of Chicago. I admit that I was riding my old tandem bicycle (alone) too fast along the lake front, somewhere between North Avenue and Fullerton. I made the judgment that the gentleman I was about to pass was a seasoned and skilled roller blading enthusiast. He looked like he was well balanced and moving along at a nice clip on some pretty nice roller blades that were much more expensive than the ones I owned at that time. Well, just at the moment my front tire aligned with him, he took a wide sweep to the left, and right into my front tire.

I went flying off the bike to the left. He went flying to the ground to the right. He jumped up to make sure I was ok. Surprisingly enough, I was ok . . . because of the BIKE HELMET I was wearing. It cracked, just above my left eye. The only injuries I had were palms that were scraped, right in the center, and a little strawberry scrape on my chin. I thought it was kind of odd that only the center of my palms were scraped and nothing else on my hands. Maybe an ER doc or a true biker can explain that to me. The point is . . .

My Bicycle Helmet saved my life! I truly believe my skull would have been smashed wide open had it not been for that bicycle helmet. Yes, “Cheap Brain Insurance” for around $50, give or take $10 or $20.

So, I’m grateful to a friend who got me back on my roller blades a couple of years ago after a 10 year hiatus after moving to Atlanta. I’m getting pretty good and I’m addicted. Last night I planned to blade for about 90 minutes which is a little shorter than my typical 2 hour blading time. Well, I got out there for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I love Atlanta’s Piedmont Park and the new Eastside Beltline Trail. The trail is a slight incline on the way from 10th and Monroe to Irwin Street so it takes a little more effort but the glide back down is sweet.

During the time I’m on the roller blades, I jam out to music. I love my music. I love to dance. I love to roller blade. And I love to dance while on roller blades. Actually, I Jam Out while roller blading and listening to music. Just as I was coming between 3 people on my right that I was about pass and 4 people on my left who were coming towards me, I knew I was going down. Yes. Going down, right on the concrete.

I realize the best way to fall off roller blades is to fall like a toddler learning to walk. I Allowed myself to fall and I kept on rolling. I didn’t resist it. I enjoyed the experience and I went with the flow. So, that’s what I did last night. I went down and I made sure I kept rolling, even on the concrete.

A nice lesson that I’ve learned in life too. If I resist the experience, I suffer. If I Allow the experience, I get up much quicker and I usually enjoy the experience. I love the saying “Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional”. Do I have a little pain today as I get out of bed? Just a little, but not much. Had I resisted the experience, I believe I would be suffering much more today and possibly have a broken wrist or other injuries. Yes, I immediately texted my chiropractor and told him I have something for him to work on. His first question during every bi-weekly health maintenance visit is “So, have you fallen off your roller blades since I saw you last?” We just laugh.

It think it’s time to make a t-shirt that says:

You Look Intelligent . . .


Is that a little too bold? A little too judgmental? A little to accusatory?

“You Look Intelligent . . . But WHERE’s Your BIKE HELMET?” t-shirt might not get the smiles I receive as much as when I wear my “I Love BREASTS” t-shirt or my “Spiritually Fabulous” t-shirt from the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta but I think it will make a point, and hopefully save a few lives and reduce some injuries. I’ve been wearing my “I Love BREASTS” t-shirt in honor of my 2 sisters who are survivors and thrivers and in memory of my friend Jan Peavy who left us a few weeks ago.


Last night I started yelling “Helmet” at people coming towards me on bicycles if they were not wearing bike helmets. I just pointed to my helmet and yelled “Helmet”. These people “look” intelligent, but . . . WHERE are their BIKE HELMETS? Where are their f*(^ing BIKE HELMETS?

I know. I know. I have 2 friends who offer their unsolicited opinions about food, the way I eat and my health, even when I haven’t asked for their opinions. Am I that obnoxious when it comes to people wearing bike helmets? Or am I am being the kind, thoughtful, caring biker that I reference in my first sentence of this post? Getting back to that first sentence.

Last spring I was putting on my knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, getting ready to roller blade the Greenway in Roswell and Alpharetta. I was in the parking lot at the far south end of the trail, the lot off Old Alabama Rd, just north of Holcomb Bridge. Thank You experienced biker. He was just coming off of his ride and I could tell by his clothes and the expensive bike he just dismounted that this guy was a much more serious biker than me.

He took off his helmet, looked at me and asked “Where’s your helmet?” I gave him the typical b.s. answer about “I know. I know. It’s in the garage and I really should have it on my head, especially since I wouldn’t be here today had I not been wearing it 15 years ago when I fell off my bike on the lakefront in Chicago.”

He just looked at me and with an open, caring, peaceful heart, gave me the best, nonjudgmental perspective about bike helmets. He held his thumb and fingers together, placed them at his hip and released his fingers from his thumb, like he was letting go of something. All he said was “An egg dropped from this height does what?”

I got it. I get it. I get it. I truly get it. I’ve been wearing my bike helmet ever since, EVERY time I get on my bike and every time I get on my roller blades.

I am so grateful for my vibrant, balancing, energetic, healthy body that’s giving me the experience of gliding along a nicely paved path, jamming to my music, rolling on my blades. And I’m grateful to the gentleman sitting along the edge of the path last night in his wheel chair. I don’t’ know his condition, but I know he’s sitting in a wheel chair. For all I know, it could be from a bike or rolling blading accident. I’m grateful to see both ends of this spectrum.

And I’m grateful to the experienced biker’s perspective last spring in that parking lot of the Greenway off Old Alabama Road. “An egg dropped from this height does what?”


You Look Intelligent . . .


Where’s Your f*(^ing BIKE HELMET!!!


Feel Peace & Be the Transformer . . .








  1. Sweet! Keep up the great work! See you today & if desired potluck after the OM… Hugs – Vera


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