Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | October 26, 2014

This or Something Better – On the Golden Gate Bridge



2014-10-23 Thursday 8:38am Golden Gate Bridge Park.


I arrive at 7:15am and the parking machine won’t allow me to pay for 2 hours of parking. I discover that you can’t pay for parking until 8:00am because 2 hour parking starts at 8:00 and goes until 9:00pm. How silly. Actually – How Stupid! I start to get a little aggravated and decide to walk 20 minutes out on the bridge, 20 minutes back and I’ll be back at the pay station at 8:00 to pay for parking.


This or Something Better . . .


Well, as I start walking, I’m not even a quarter of the way across the bridge, when I realize that I don’t want to walk the bridge with all the traffic. Uh, The Golden Gate Bridge is a 6 lane highway, by the way. I’d rather spend the time in the park or Muir woods with the redwoods than walk a silly bridge with all this traffic. Ha ha ha Enough already.


I breath. I Allow. I Feel.


So I continue to walk. I walk and stop at the first tower, on the side where there is a small “Bridge Patrol” vehicle. I first stood behind it. Then I stood in front of it to get a view of Marin County. Hmm. There’s a man in the vehicle. I notice him and acknowledge him. I’m taking in the views. I’m taking a few more pictures. I wonder . . . is he the man that would be giving me a parking ticket after 8:00am back in that parking lot? 😉 I wonder. He then gets out of his vehicle and walks up to strike up a conversation. We chat. We chat and we chat some more. Somehow the conversation turns to wondering if he’s watching to see if I was a jumper. I shared that it was almost 2 years ago, Oct 29, 2012, when I would have put a bullet through my head had I owned a gun. That’s another story. J.K. Rohlwing said “Rock Bottom is My New Foundation”. He likes that. I said “And when I was at the rock bottom 2 years ago, I was on a fully extended trampoline because it’s been catapulting me upwards ever since”. Thank you Angels. I knew I wasn’t alone during that period of my life and I know I’m not alone now.


He shares that he always watches, and talks to, single people on the bridge, people on the bridge alone, and sometimes they break into tears telling him that their world is coming to an end. More often, it’s someone like me, a tourist, taking in the sites. I’m grateful. I feel taken care of. If I was jumper, I had someone approach me to help me through whatever was going on.

I’m so grateful for these views from this magnificent bridge, this experience, this item on my bucket list that I can now say I’ve experienced. These experiences . . .with a little bit more. Yes, I can now say I walked the Golden Gate Bridge (well, part of it) and I don’t need to do it again. I’m grateful for the experience, the view, the feeling of being on this bridge with the sunrise coming through the skyline of San Francisco. Beautiful. And yes, a complete stranger showing care and compassion for me. He says “It is what it is.” And I add “and it isn’t what it isn’t.”


As he and I chat I brought up my concern that I have to be back at the car by 8:00 so I can pay for parking.   Ha ha ha. He looks at me and says that he’s the guy that would be writing my ticket. Wonderful. He says “I normally tell people to walk halfway to get the experience of being at the low point of the cables and that will give me the experience” so as I tell him that I’m the silver mini-van with Arizona plates, he shares a sinister laugh with me. How great! I can tell he’s a great dad to his 6 kids.


He puts out his hand and tells me he’s Chris. This or Something Better as my life continues Balancing to Peace. This or Something Better for my entire day, my entire trip, my entire life. This or Something Better.


Namaste . . . Fellow traveler on this journey, Balancing to Peace.


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