Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | October 28, 2014

The Mountain – This of Something Better . . . with No Expectations.

2014-10-28 7:40am Finlandia Motel, Mt. Shasta, CA

This of Something Better . . . with No Expectations.

Let me make it clear, I’m not saying I sit around eating bon bons all day while watching tv when I say “with No Expectations.” What I’m intending to share is an awareness that I’ve come to Love in my life. I have the Expectation, the feeling of expecting, “This or Something Better”. What I’m not expecting is a specific outcome or specific ways that the outcome is going to happen. I’m getting better and better at Allowing Life to Love Me and bring me something beyond my wildest dreams!


I set an intention. I have an idea of what I would like to experience in life. And then I expect . . . This or Something Better. Several months ago I knew I was “supposed to” be on Mt Shasta for my birthday. Maybe “guided to” be is a better choice of words. I suspected it would be a magical experience. I suspected I would share my gifts and my Light with the mountain and that this magical, mystical mountain would share her gifts with me. So, on the way up the mountain, my guide asked my intention. Hmmm. I hadn’t really specified it. I knew, I could feel, that magic would occur because Life is Loving me more and more every day. So I replied, “This or Something Better.”


And yes, it was.


I also shared how I am also aware of this “lack of time” or “I’m going to miss something” or “running out of time” concern that is running in the background of my life, but that’s for another blog post.
As we sat in the first energy vortex, which took us to Telos, all I could feel was such deep gratitude vibrating in every cell of my being. Not just my body. My BEing, including my aura, merkabah, energy field or whatever you want to call this Unique Aspect of Divinity that has chosen to participate in this existence at this moment on this planet. I sat there after the meditation and thought “This or Something Better.” I really had no idea what we would be doing today. I knew I would have Ashlyn as a guide for the day and knew it would be perfect. I just didn’t think about the specifics of the day and what we would be doing specifically.  Ha.  I suspected we would be hiking.

Heart Stone in Knowledge Vortex

Just up the ridge from the Telos vortex is the “Knowledge” vortex. See the beautiful Heart on the stone where we laid. One holds space around the side of the vortex while the other lays on the stone. I actually went outside of the vortex a bit because I was guided to include this small tree, this youngster. And the message we both received was to enjoy the new ones in our lives. Ashlyn became a grandmother a month ago and I have 7 great nieces and nephews. Ah, enjoy their energy. Enjoy them still remembering who they truly are. BE there for them, physically and energetically, giving them permission to remember their akash, remember who they are.


And there’s more . . .


Please share your experiences of how you are Allowing Life to Love YOU as you expect This or Something Better.




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