Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | November 5, 2014

Dog Bite – This or Something Better

This or Something Better?

Yes. I didn’t quite feel the theme of my 2 week Birthday Celebration “This or Something Better” as that Sweet dog ran away from me after biting my right butt/thigh Sunday night. I landed at 1:30pm that afternoon and thought “Yes. I have time to go home and still get to the park for a nice time on the skates.” I don’t recall how long after “the event” of being bitten that I actually reminded myself that even this could have “Something Better” than I could have imagined. And it has.

As you may have heard me write before, I see a chiropractic student at Life University every few weeks for health maintenance.  The big joke with the last student was always him asking me if I have had any new accidents, falling off my roller blades.  Well, I tagged him in a Facebook post telling him that I was CHOOSING not to balance this roller blading injury because my left butt cheek did not need a matching dog bite!

Monday morning as I was getting into the chair at the dentist’s office for the root canal, (yes, welcome back from a Birthday Celebration) I was reminded to make light of the ever growing color and ever growing tenderness on my right thigh. Ha ha ha. Even the dentist and his assistant could get a chuckle with my dog bite causing me to gingerly sit in the chair.

Yesterday I had a meeting with clients. As I sat in the chair, I realized that this wasn’t going to be a fun meeting if I had to sit in this chair. So, the chair went by the wayside and I sat sideways on the piano bench allowing my tender right thigh to hang off the side of the bench. A few more chuckles with clients. “This or Something Better”.

I don’t care if people are laughing with me or AT me as long as we’re laughing; and usually it’s At me. So, bring on the laughs.

Every time I’ve gotten in the car I’m reminded to chuckle at myself, and reminded of the wonderful time I had on the roller blades Sunday evening even after the dog bite. I’m grateful for my vibrant, energetic body and the music of Eddie Watkins, Jr and Michael Bernard Beckwith that were playing Sunday night in my earphones. I’m grateful for the 2 mile stretch of the beltline that allows me to skate along and dance to music, all while wearing the roller blades. I even have a couple laughing as they see me approaching, getting a little wild and crazy . . . and then his hand comes up to give me a high five as I skate past them! Yes! Another smile. Mission accomplished. Shine that Light wherever I may be.

So I’m telling the Universe that I’m open to where I’m being guided. Where am I to live when my lease expires in July? Where am I to show up? Who’s ready for my unique gift that I’m bringing to the planet? Who’s coming into my awareness that’s bringing their gift to me? Breath. Know. Trust. Allow myself to hear and feel the guidance as “This or Something Better” is being brought into my awareness in every moment of every day. All I have to do is be open and then say “Yes!”

With Deep Gratitude!



  1. Very inspirational!!!! A great Light shining…. to be emulated especially when “or something better comes to mind…” See you at the OM & by then the sitting should be a lot better… ebson salt bath??? Hugs – Vera


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