Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | November 23, 2014

I Want The Change!

I Want the Change!

I’m ready.

It’s no surprise that I went to Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago; my spiritual home while back in the Windy City. The guest speaker today was Rev. Vince Kueffner and he spoke about the times in his life when he “Wanted the Change”.  I’m feeling the push, the nudges, that my time in Atlanta may be coming to a close yet I’m not feeling the vision pulling me to a clear location . . . yet.  I trust and I know that this clarity is here for me as I allow myself to just BE in the unknown.  BE in the magic of the not known.  Breath and Allow and BE in the excitement of living on the new edge of what’s next for me.

A couple of years ago I knew that a change was coming when my landlord and I decided to continue my lease on a month to month basis.  I then allowed the magic to happen.  I literally felt a hand on my back pushing me out of Cobb County.  I could feel the push.  I also felt it in my heart.  The places I was drawn to live were no where in Cobb County.  I was open to anything and explored many options.  Funny about that time.  I was open to any and all possibilities.  This time?  I’m open to exploring many alternatives, many options, many places.  I even considered coming back to Chicago and I’m grateful for this week here visiting family, friends and clients because I’m now clear that I’m not being drawn back here.  A great place for me to visit but not live at this time in my life.

As the service at Bodhi continued today we celebrated their 11th Birthday!!! Congratulations Bodhi.  You are where you are today by allowing magic and allowing yourselves to be in the magic and excitement of the unknown.  Allowing yourselves to trust and to know.  I sat there with “my face leaking” yet again with such Gratitude.  My life is magical.  I know that “This or Something Better” is coming to me.  It’s already here.  I just need to keep exploring any and all possibilities.  And still, “my face is leaking” with Gratitude.  “This or Something Better” has always been coming to me and always will be. All I need to do is breath in the moment and experience the “This or Something Better”

I Want the Change!

Even says we’re moving in t0 a time where everything is changing and will be changing. There won’t be anymore going back to normal, whatever normal is.  He even uses the analogy that our furniture will move every day while we are way and it will move again the next day . . . and again on the next day . . . and again on the next.

I Want the Change!

How fun.  I come home every day and the couch has moved so I get to vacuum dust bunnies and kitty fur.

I Want the Change!

As I look back on my life, there have been times that I went kicking and screaming into the unknowns.  I remember wanting to get to a time and place where everything would take care of itself.  ha ha ha   Little did I know back then that that time and place doesn’t exist but I now I see how boring life would be.  Maybe I should go back and watch “Groundhog Day” again.

I Want the Change!

I want to live on the edge.  I want to BE the edge.  I want the excitement of living in the moment.  As I live in the this moment, and only this moment, there can only be excitement and fun.

I Want the Change!

If I’m depressed I’m living in the past.
If I’m anxious I’m living in the future.

If I’m breathing with awareness, in the moment, I know that I’m taken care of.  I am taken care of in each moment.  I have air to breath.  I just finished a wonderful vegan burger and vegan soup at Native Foods Cafe on Belmont.  I have wonderful friends who’ve allowed me to stay at their place this week.  I have enough food in my car to survive a week if I’m stranded in the beloved snow of the north.  I have great music playing in my ears as I’m writing this.  I have so much I’m grateful for at this time in my life.  Again, “my face is leaking” with Gratitude.

I Want the Change!

How about you?  What unknowns are you living in right now?  What magic is occurring in your life, right now, in this moment, in the magical moment?

Breath.  Allow.  Trust.  And know that you are taken care of.  I know this for you.

Namaste Dear Ones.






  1. The whole idea of marriage should be looked at. It is not about love, it is more way to be controlled by the government. It costs so little to get in and so much to get out. Somehow things change as soon as “I do” is said and the paper is signed.
    So many times I see people happy and then later they look so miserable. It is something to be created not just daily but moment to moment. Each person needs to create their own life and then share it and enjoy the time together.


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