Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | February 12, 2015

What’s the big deal about same-sex marriage anyway?

I’ll be honest. I’ve never really been very passionate about this whole gay marriage thing. What’s the big deal? Besides, without being married, it made it easier to come out of a relationship so why would I want to be married to a man anyway? I’m grateful I didn’t have to pay an attorney for the “divorce”. Then I watched a documentary tonight and I’ll be writing every one of my state and federal representatives in support of gay marriage. It’s time for Love to shine.

Bridegroom. A documentary about Shane Bitney Crone who’s same-sex partner dies . . . and Shane has no legal rights left.

As I look back on my life, I’ve heard stories about people who’ve died and the surviving partner has had the deceased partner’s family come in and take things. And the survivor has no legal rights. Ok. Ok. But it never impacted me like this documentary has.

You’ve heard me say that we make all our decisions motivated by one of two things: Fear or Love. What are people so afraid of? Are they afraid of seeing two people of the same sex love each other? Really LOVE each other? What’s the fear motivating anti-gay legislation? What’s the fear motivating gay hate crimes? What’s the fear? Where is the fear still hiding within myself? How can I love myself more, shine more light from my heart, so that my own fear gets exposed, released and allowed to be transformed to even more love, and fuel an even brighter light? Shining a light in a dark room totally disperses the dark. Shining Love on fear may make it appear that the fear gets stronger, yet each time we love authentically, it softens the fear. It softens our own fear and it softens the fear of others. It allows a glimmer of love to appear through the cracks of fear.

Take the 90 minutes to watch the movie Bridegroom. Then make your own conclusions.

Allow Your Light to shine brightly and bring more Love and more Peace into the world.



  1. Will watch the whole movie another time. Saw the 10” youtube. I’ve ALWAYS felt it’s important for same sex folks to have that right. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE????? THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE LOVE IN THE WORLD & IT NEEDS TO BE SUPPORTED! HUGS & have a super blessed day! Vera


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