Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | March 22, 2015

Follow Your Own Inner Guidance, Your Own Inner Knowing

2015-03-22 5:37am

It’s 5:37am Central time. I am in tears as I wake up today. I wake up from a dream. The dream is of me telling some dear friends that I’m going to the doctor to, probably, confirm a cancer diagnosis. What a dream. Tears. Fear. Concern. All things I’m not afraid to look at and feel. I’m lying in the guest bed at my friends’ Michael and Mike’s house. What does this mean?

First insight: I’m clearing the energies of these fears and concerns for people who actually have gotten or will get the cancer diagnosis. I know I’m safe because I take care of my body. Well, except for the 2 sleeves to Ritz crackers that I ate last night at midnight while checking some overdue e-mails and Facebook posts. But I did intersperse the Ritz crackers with some raw snacks. Who am I trying to kid anyway?

Second insight: I have a commitment to keep to Adama who lives in Telos, whom I met last October during my trip the Mt Shasta. I’m remembering visits to Sacred Chambers where one of the qualities to empower is “Commitment”. I trust I’ll explain more about Adama and Sacred Chambers in another post. And if you don’t want to wait, comment or send me an e-mail and I’ll explain. Part of this insight is for me to start blogging the magic that has been happening in my life as a result of following Spirit, Inner Guidance, Knowing, the nudges of a more expanded sense of myself. Adama said he would offer insights to me and I committed to sharing them here in my blog.

And there it is, right under the surface. My own fear. Fear of what some family members will think, feel and say if I really post what’s on my heart. Fear of judgements from total strangers. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of public harassment. Fear of disagreements. Fear of not having others agree with me.

As I write this, I am smiling. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and say to myself what I say to friends who are experiencing their own fears. I’ll say them here in first person since I AM saying them to myself right now. I AM saying them to myself when I share them with others because we are all One. We are just different aspects of this One.

“I can’t control how others respond to what I say. If I follow my own heart, Breath, Relax and BE in the moment, I’ll have the discernment, the knowing of whether to speak or whether to keep quiet.” And besides, if someone doesn’t like what I have to say here, they can stop reading now. Said another way, “If you don’t like what I say, stop reading.” Yet, if you’re here, reading this, trust and know that there may just be a little aspect of what I have to say that your heart is guiding you to hear, guiding you to remember.

“What others think of me is none of my business.”

“Follow my heart. I have all my own answers within.” Yet, there is no “within” / “without”. It is just all One. We are each different, unique aspects of This One, here to experience different experiences along our journey to remembering this Oneness. There may be a more expanded aspect of myself, a future self so to speak, that is always standing there quietly, ready to guide me in any moment. That’s what I’m following now as I write this.

How many times have I followed this Inner Guidance in the last few years? Actually, I’m arriving on the anniversary of a major time in my life when following this Inner Guidance began to be almost a daily occurrence. Now it’s a Moment to Moment occurrence and my life is aligning and flowing so beautifully that I speak of it as Magic.

This isn’t magic. It’s how life is meant to be on this planet.


Full of Joy, Laughter, Knowingness and Peace.

Trusting and knowing that “This or Something Better” is always already here in my life. All I need to do is Breath, Relax, Allow and Be Aware in the moment. I am that multi-dimensional being Allowing all the beauty, grace, abundance and joy into my life. That beauty, grace, abundance and Joy is already here.

All I need to “do” is be aware of it and it appears for me to experience.

There it is again, as I write that last sentence; the sensation in my body, the chills, the surge of energy, the tingling in my head, confirming what I just said is accurate.

All I need to “do” is be aware of it and it appears for me to experience.

And even this transforms.

All I need to “do” is be aware of it AS it appears for me to experience. Beauty, Grace, Abundance, Joy and Peace.

There isn’t anything left of us to do anymore but Breath, Relax and Be Aware in the Moment. Experience the moment.

Enough for now. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below. And please follow the blog.

Until next time . . .

Feel Peace & Be the Transformer . . .



  1. YOU GO MAN!!!! THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL WEEKEND!!!! Love to talk with you about your Adama experiences. His picture has been in my bedroom for months. – got it in Mt. Shasta too. HUGS! Vera



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