Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | May 29, 2015

Keeping Commitments

It’s just after 9:00am on Friday morning. Yes. I have work to do in the office, commitments to keep to clients and it’s another day I’m grateful I work for myself, I’m grateful for my clients and for the flexibility I have with my schedule.

I’m getting better at keeping commitments to myself. I have some friends who say that they can set their clocks by how I arrive on time to appointments. This is one way of keeping commitments to others and to being respectful of them and their time. I realize that recently I have avoided keeping commitments to myself though. I am getting better and there is still room for improvement. A commitment I made to a friend last October is to share insights on my blog. My intention is to inspire others to keep moving in their lives and to keep their commitments that they’ve made to themselves. I’ve heard it said, “If you’re going through hell, just don’t build a condo.” I went through my own personal hell from 2009 to 2013 and I’m grateful I didn’t build a condo. Posting this today is keeping a commitment to that friend, and also to myself. Progress!

I enrolled in an online course at Spiritual Living Institute, “The Grass is Greener”. We are going through the book “The Grass is Greener Right Here” by David Ault and he’s actually the instructor too. Today I read chapter 3, Cupcakes. It’s a story about celebrating everything in life. Yes. Everything. Buy the book and read the chapter for yourself.

What it touched in me today is the ever increasing gratitude I have for all of the events that have taken place in my life. Yes. Everything! As I mentioned, I went through my own “personal hell” a few years ago. I don’t wish it on anyone yet I’m so grateful for the place to which it has brought me today. I Am Invincible. Someone could hurt me physically. Yes. But other than that, every other experience I have in life is my choice. It’s up to me to determine whether it’s a good experience, a bad experience or the decision I really like, It’s Just Another Experience so BE with it and Fully Experience it for All the richness it has to offer me at this moment of my existence.

All of the suffering in my world takes place between my two ears in the stories I tell myself about what I’m experiencing. It’s so much fun as I’m detaching more and more from the mind chatter and I’m just observing it. We’ve seen the depictions of the good angel on one shoulder and the bad angel on the other shoulder debating over a decision to make. I’m detaching from both of them, laughing at how silly their debate really is, breathing deeply and moving my awareness down into my heart. More and more of my decisions are coming from that place, that knowingness, that intuitive guidance, that whatever you choose to call that feeling in yourself. And the more I make those, what seem like illogical, decisions, from that inner knowingness, the more magic appears in my life. Ah, other topics for future blog posts. I have ideas already forming for the blog series “What that free bottle of water (on the Atlanta Beltline in August 2014) really cost me.” Stay tuned.

Please share your ideas and your own stories of how you are keeping your personal commitments to yourself and how you are listening more and more to your own Inner Knowingness.


Feel Peace and BE the Transformer



  1. Comments inside in red – big hug & have an exceptionally magical weekend! Vera



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