Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | September 29, 2016

The joys . . . and stresses . . . of moving. Ha ha ha ha ha

The city kid has finally moved back into the city after almost 15 years of the Atlanta suburbs. After all, I am a Chicago high-rise dweller at heart. From the first night here, sleeping on the floor so the cat wouldn’t be alone here, I knew it was time to move back into town. I’ve never lived ITP (Inside The Perimeter) since moving to Atlanta in 2002. It just feels right to be here. I’m on the third floor, living in a tree house. All of the windows give me views right into trees. And I think several of the trees will keep their leaves all winter. I love living in Atlanta!

I saw a sign for a new trail within walking distance of the new place. Today was the morning to explore it. Here are some videos I took while walking it. Great way to start the day with a hike of almost 4 miles.



The laughter comes a couple of hours later. My “healthy go to snack” when the salt cravings kick in, is a jar of black olives. I must have been really tired the other night because I put a jar of what I thought were olives back in the fridge. Well, it’s a jar of liquid. There are no olives in the jar. Ha ha ha ha ha. I looked at the jar just now and realized that there is only liquid in it. I guess this move has been a little more trying on my body, And Mind, than I originally thought.  Again, the philosophy that runs my life . . . I don’t care if people are laughing with me, or at me, as long as we’re laughing.  And usually, it’s AT me.

Who wants to come to help me unpack? This is the big jigsaw puzzle game ahead of me for the next few days; how do I fit all of this stuff into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath place?

We won’t even talk about how much fun it was moving the piano the other night. That’s a whole story on its own . . .



  1. Couldn’t see the video , and sure it was great! Got my hands full at the moment, and wishing you a SMOOTH, JOYFUL reentry to ITP! Vera



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