Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | November 5, 2016

Please don’t tell my Atlanta suburban friends

It’s official. I am happy to report I’ve returned to city life. Almost 15 years of living in Atlanta suburbs and I moved into the city 6 weeks ago. I took a MARTA bus for the first time. I’ve taken trains to and from the airport and a few other times but never a bus.
True confession. I didn’t leave the apartment quite early enough and I saw the #27 pass me on Cheshire Bridge Rd. Ok. I’ll walk a block and catch the #30. At Woodland. Great. There’s one coming. But I was a half block from the bus stop so I got to see it, also from the outside, as it passed me. Two more blocks and I’ll get the #6 at Lavista. Finally on a bus. 
And who knew I could have loaded my Breeze Card on the MARTA app and saved a drive to the Lindbergh Station last night?
Already past the Five Points station on my way to the airport and I don’t have to pay for any parking!!! Yay! 
Now make sure you’re sitting down . . . 5 day trip, all packed in a carry on bag, including a suit for the funeral. I should have flown Southwest and then I could have checked a bag. I avoid those pesky $25 baggage fees as much as I can.
And by the way, I could get used to this public transportation thing. Let the car sit.
#itsmarta #letthecarsit 


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