Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | March 11, 2017

Sweat Lodge Life Lesson

Today was another wonderful, tough, sweat lodge with The Stone Peoples Lodge in Northwest Georgia. I hadn’t sweated in probably 18 months but went last month. Last month and the previous 3 or 4 sweats/lodges were pretty tough for me. Tight quarters. Leg and back cramps. Strenuous breathing with all the steam. And the list of excuses goes on and on.

Today I went with a different intention. I logically know that if I go into a lodge with the intention to support others on their journey, through their experience, then my experience will be much easier. Well, I committed to this intention with a 75% commitment rate. And today, I probably had more of my own physical issues than on the previous several sweats. What I’ll say are allergies kicked in yesterday morning. Feels like golf balls in my throat. Runny nose. Feeling of sand being kicked in my eyes. General lethargy.

You know, Blah blah blah blah blah, with excuses to pull attention to myself.

Well, while standing in line to go into the lodge, waiting to get smudged, I was talking a little bit about the allergy symptoms when I realized it may not have anything to do with allergies. Maybe the symptoms I’m feeling are gentle nudges of energies ready to released in the lodge. hmmm.

I went into the lodge with the intention to support others. I was even ok if I didn’t “make the cut or limit” of only 25 people in the lodge, since we had 30 in it the previous month and it was a very “cozy” lodge. I truly had no expectations and no agenda. I’m at this lodge to see whom I can support.

Well, I made it into the lodge and had a wonderful experience. Yes. It was another very hot lodge. But I didn’t have my attention on how I was feeling because there were 3 or 4 people who were really having a hard time with it.  They were moving through their own limitations and keeping the commitment to themselves to stay in and ride it to the end.

Another opportunity for me to see how much easier life gets when I get the attention off of myself and focus on helping others. I know all I need to do is sit quietly and ask for guidance on what to do next. Life can be, and is, this simple.

The more I sit quietly, or even just breathe in the moment, and stay aware of Spirit, My Higher Sacred Self, the more clearly I hear guidance on what to do next. And usually, I am taken care of beyond my wildest dreams and expectations when I focus on being there for others.

I’m so grateful for another reminder of how easy life can be when I live a Spirit Guided Life!

Thank You Angels.

Thank You Spirit!

Thank You my Higher Sacred Self.

Now . . .

Sit Quietly.

Be Aware.

Feel Love and BE the Transformer.


#LoveWins #LoveIsAllThereIs #HigherSacredSelf #SpiritDrivenLife #StonePeoplesLodge #LifeLesson


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