Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | April 2, 2017

So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic Atlanta? Answer #1

So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic Atlanta?

Answer #1 — Turn on your mp3 playing and let it shuffle. And the next thing I knew, I had the answer to how to handle the added traffic on my street (which just happens to be THE Detour for I-85). Whitney saves the day!!! Well . . . “Love Will Save the Day” by Whitney Houston started playing!

Sometimes life can make you crazy. (Damn fire and lack of roadway)
It can really put your body through the test. (Sitting longer in the car)
You try so hard to make your everything go right
You find that you wind up with a mess (Traffic. Cars. Traffic. Traffic. And More Cars)

Don’t panic when you hit the danger zone.

What you need’s a little change of heart

Love will always play the greater part
When your battles wear you down . . . Here’s my advice

When you’re feeling down & out and you’ve got troubles on your mind
Love Will Save the Day

When you’re feeling full of doubt and fear has got you in a bind
Love will save the day
All you have to do is say a prayer and Love Will Save the Day!

When your world’s falling apart (my world isn’t falling apart, just 6 sections of an interstate)
There’s an answer in your heart so let your light shine on my fear and Love Will Save The Day!

So, I just have to leave an extra 15 minutes to every trip I take with the car. And remember, Love Will Save the Day!!! Thanks Whitney.

#I85Detour #AtlantaTraffic #I85Collapse #LoveWins


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