Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | July 2, 2017

Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

I’ve been chanting the Moola Mantra 108 times every morning since April 2nd. I missed 2 days while traveling. There is a group of us in the Oneness Blessing Community that has been chanting and then participating in the Golden Light Meditation. Our intent has been to empower the 7 North American venues that are hosting The Phenomenon & The Gift Courses this weekend.

What I’ve learned is that when I put myself in this high vibration every day, the things not aligned with this high vibration are brought up to be released. Hence, I’ve spent a good portion of my time distracting myself from the goals I have in my life. And then I fall to my pattern of beating myself up. And that leads to more distraction and more getting angry at myself and the spiral downward continues.

Then, the light bulb went off this  past week. The voice in my head reminded me that all of these limitations are coming up so they may be felt and released; recycled into pure light so that I may be a brighter light on the planet.

In order for me to feel these limitations and things I’ve judged and labeled “bad” and “I shouldn’t be feeling this way”, I’ve had to step up my level of self-compassion and level of self-forgiveness. As I’ve heard before, this is all part of my journey, lighten up, be with the feelings and emotions, and then DECIDE to LET THEM GO!!! I can decide to let go of them. I can choose to have more freedom in my life. And so can you!!!

If you feel like you’ve been beating yourself up or been pretty hard on yourself, take a breath. Be aware of what is really there and feel it. Go practice whatever spiritual path you’re currently on and allow yourself to expand further into Your Divine Essence.

Remember, You are a Unique Aspect of Divinity, bringing your unique gift to the planet that none of the other 7 billion people on the planet are bringing. Go share that light and that unique gift with the people you come into contact with today. It could be as simple as making eye contact with the people in your life, including the people in the grocery store or at the car wash or wherever. It could be a heartfelt conversation or a simple word. It could also be with a simple intent.

And then, be open to the unique gift that each of them is bringing you today. Allow that into your space so that their unique gift can put a puzzle piece into your life, into your journey.

Namaste. Be at Peace and Feel the Transformation!


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