Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | December 31, 2017

“The Word” for 2018

End of another year. It’s been quite a year. Business is growing and expanding. 5 oral surgeries. A long trip up the east coast to see clients, friends and be part of Gay Pride in DC. Family Reunion at one sister’s near Milwaukee in July and then Thanksgiving back at my sister’s. We joke that the only reason they keep inviting me is because I do dishes . . . and Lots of them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mentally, it’s been a year of the “good angel/bad angel” bickering back and forth. In the grocery store “chip aisle” the bad angel says “buy 2 bags” and the good angel says “don’t buy any”. Typically, I ended up buying 2 or 3 bags. It’s been quite an interesting year of eating habits. Still making energy soup aka pond scum or green smoothies, yet those chips keep being eaten. Weight is down so I guess something is working.

A few weeks ago, Dr. David Ault at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta reminded us that we would be having the “Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony” on December 31st. “Start thinking about what word you want to put on your stone this year”. It’s a process where you write down the things you want to release from this year so you don’t take them into the new year. Those go into the “Burning Bowl”. Then we take White Stones and write one word that we want to take into the next year. I immediately heard my Higher Sacred Self say “FOCUS”.

Then I laughed at myself. I was just starting to look at my year end income numbers, that I’ve been ignoring most of the year, and realized I was up 25%. How did that happen? I was very successfully distracting myself this year with oral surgeries, skating, and other various distractions. How did I have a 25% increase? Imagine what it could have been if I had focused?

Hence, 2018 word is FOCUS. Then came the word “SACRED”.

I’m noticing how I’m taking Sacred to a new level. What if I could see everyone and everything as sacred at a deeper level of awarenessm What if I merged my “business” world more fully with my “spiritual” world and see my clients and my business as Sacred? What crazy ideas have been limiting me from doing this more fully before? How funny . . . Silly Mark.

So, during the service today, I knew I would write FOCUS on my stone but how would I get SACRED on there as well?

FOCUS on one side? SACRED on the other?

Focused Sacredness? Could I get that on one side of thestone?

FOCUSED on one side? SACREDNESS on the other?


Then as I sat there, Annette Mize guided us deeper and deeper into inner listening and it became clear. If the white of the stone is Our Light, our Higher Sacred Selves, ready to shine even more brightly this year, how could anything stop me from being focused? How could anything limit me? I AM that bright Light! I Am Focused. I Am Sacred.

And then it was crystal clear – The “word” for 2018 is SACRED FOCUS! Focus is great but I just get tingles up and down my spine when I say Sacred Focus! Wow.

Here’s to a wonderful year filled with Sacred Focus.

May all of you enjoy a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2018, filled with Sacred Focus of your own.

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