Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | June 23, 2018

Why I don’t meditate as much as I “Should”

Seems like a silly topic from someone who has meditated for many many years, actually teaches various forms of meditation and has gotten great results. As I was listening to the first week’s session for Ekam World Peace Fesitval  and meditating with the guide, I realized that when I sit quietly I get what some of us call a download. Actually I receive many downloads. Many great ideas on what I can do today, or tomorrow or the next day or for the next weeks. I have all of these great ideas. Even more blog post topics to write about.

Then, the brain kicks in and I see these ideas as creating work and to do items to an already full schedule and already full to do list.  I feel like I have more topics and ideas to share here and then the brain spirals into “well which is most important?” and “with which one do I start?”. Then the judging and punishing part of my scorpion identity kicks in and I start looking at all the ways I’ve wasted time. Precious time that could have been spent doing something productive or writing a blog post that could impact just one person’s life.

Ah. There’s the answer. It’s the brain taking over again.  Breathe through this and allow the answers to flow.

A recent quote I read in the past couple of weeks has really shifted something inside of me.  I can’t find the exact words but it’s from Amma-Bhagavan, the founders of Oneness University, which is now  “I don’t need to ask for God’s forgiveness because God never judged me.” That’s the topic for several blog posts.

I pulled the book “Ask Your Angels” off the book shelf recently and I’ve started reading it from the beginning. A nice reminder that I ALWAYS have the answer to any question if I just take 3 deep breaths. Usually answers to questions come as soon as I place my intention to breathe out there. All I have to do is be open to answers flowing . . . and they appear.

I sense this is enough for today. Enjoy your day. Remember to take a few breaths and listen for your own answers because you already have all of your own answers inside of you. Just listen.


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