I don’t care if people are laughing With me or At me, as long as we’re laughing. So let’s share some good times together, allow ourselves to Feel Peace, Be The Transformers and experience the world Transforming with us!



  1. I Pledge Elegance to letting of my preordained behavior, Spirit is not tempted; Human kind experiences temptation to evolve and move forward, towards our Divine Being.

    I Pledge Elegance to being Spiritually Honest with myself, I give 100% of my prosperity to my spiritual community, increasing my Spiritual Value and Worth. My BeingNESS demonstrates my Spiritual Self Honestly.

    I pledge Elegance to love from the Center of Love; I AM Infinite Love, I renew my commitment to this Divine mission.

    I Pledge Elegance to Removing Judgment from my consciousness and mouth; I embrace the Truth of my OneNess and recognize the OneNess within each and every condition, person and situation.

    I Pledge Elegance to MY TRUE NORTH, Poly morph sizing at 2.5 million miles every 2 hours. I AM CHANGE.

    I Pledge Elegance being and having an Attitude of Gratitude. For My Attitude determines my Altitude.

    I Pledge Elegance to Anticipation of Perfect Outcomes; this is the anticipation of Winning as a Winner I see good and praise it.

    I Pledge Elegance to the Upward Movement of Evolution, I willingly accept myself as a poised vital idea, rooted in Spirit.

    I Pledge Elegance to Spiritual Harmony, my soul sing with ALL; I recognize my Spiritual Voice and I am grateful.

    I Pledge Elegance to my OneNess with Universal Intelligence; I think Perfect, therefore; I AM.

    I Pledge Elegance to thrive and prosper through all the activities in which I involve myself; I claim my success.

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