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Another Sign from The Universe?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Another miracle occurred right now. It’s 8:01am on Sunday morning, August 13, 2018.

Back Story – Last night I was listening to some YouTube videos while I prepared a salad to take to a friend’s house. I quickly left the house and just closed the laptop without closing any windows or even stopping/pausing the video.

I actually love going to my friend Justyna’s and hanging out with her because I’m usually only one of no more than 3 people that have English as their first language. Last night was the time to meet her brother who is in town from Poland. I think last night we only had 4 languages being spoken but it’s usually 6 or 7. Polish, Spanish, Georgian (not USA Georgia but I learned that the country of Georgia actually has their own alphabet and therefore language) and English.

I took a 7 month break from dating and the dating apps, just to give myself time to regroup and let my heart/emotions to heal. I started back a few weeks ago. It’s been fascinating to experience people saying they want to meet, actually scheduling a time to meet, and then not communicating and not showing. It happened, yet AGAIN, yesterday afternoon. I even sent a “Hi. I hope you’re ok.” message after the time we were supposed to meet . . . and it’s yet to be unanswered, even with a “phuk you”. I’d even be happy with that response because it’s clear communication.

All I want is clear communication.

I did meet someone online Wednesday and we had an enjoyable dinner Wednesday night. I had another dinner date Friday night with someone else.

So, after dinner last night at Justyna’s I went to my friend Drew’s to feed and hang with his two cats while he’s out of town. I told myself, “I’m done even reaching out. I’m going to just watch, be aware, and see who’s coming to me. No action.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

As I prepare to do my morning Soul Sync meditation from O&O Academy and then get on the Ekam World Peace Festival call at 9:00 today, I open the computer and it starts playing music . . . Matt Zarley’s “Somebody 4 Everybody”.

Although there are no guarantees, you’ve just got to believe . . .
Don’t you know there’s somebody for everybody . . . Just sayin’


Somebody 4 Everybody by #mattzarley


and another Matt Zarley song I really like is Change Begins with Me  “Anything is Possible”


The real miracle here is that I told myself I was not going to open any apps or e-mails or do anything until after my morning Soul Sync meditation. THEN I’ll decide what to do next. Lately, I’ve just started the day off and running or distracting myself so that I don’t even get in a Soul Sync or any meditation/quiet time and then the day often spins out of control.  Well, I was guided to write and share this post as my morning meditation today. I’ll still make it to the 9:00am Livestream from the Oneness Field in India for day 4 of Ekam World Peace Festival.


So, what’s something in your life that you’ve given up on? Take a few deep breaths. Feel. Listen. Be Aware. Is it something that really resonates with you? Is it something that you’d really enjoy having in your life?


Then stop taking action. Sit and be aware. What’s right in front of you already. What is your Sacred Higher Self telling you to do to allow it into your life? Then, take THAT action.


Enjoy a magical day and week.


#Ekamworldpeacefestival2018  #changebeginswithme  #lifeisfunnysometimes #soulsyncmiracles  #



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Why I don’t meditate as much as I “Should”

Seems like a silly topic from someone who has meditated for many many years, actually teaches various forms of meditation and has gotten great results. As I was listening to the first week’s session for Ekam World Peace Fesitval  and meditating with the guide, I realized that when I sit quietly I get what some of us call a download. Actually I receive many downloads. Many great ideas on what I can do today, or tomorrow or the next day or for the next weeks. I have all of these great ideas. Even more blog post topics to write about.

Then, the brain kicks in and I see these ideas as creating work and to do items to an already full schedule and already full to do list.  I feel like I have more topics and ideas to share here and then the brain spirals into “well which is most important?” and “with which one do I start?”. Then the judging and punishing part of my scorpion identity kicks in and I start looking at all the ways I’ve wasted time. Precious time that could have been spent doing something productive or writing a blog post that could impact just one person’s life.

Ah. There’s the answer. It’s the brain taking over again.  Breathe through this and allow the answers to flow.

A recent quote I read in the past couple of weeks has really shifted something inside of me.  I can’t find the exact words but it’s from Amma-Bhagavan, the founders of Oneness University, which is now  “I don’t need to ask for God’s forgiveness because God never judged me.” That’s the topic for several blog posts.

I pulled the book “Ask Your Angels” off the book shelf recently and I’ve started reading it from the beginning. A nice reminder that I ALWAYS have the answer to any question if I just take 3 deep breaths. Usually answers to questions come as soon as I place my intention to breathe out there. All I have to do is be open to answers flowing . . . and they appear.

I sense this is enough for today. Enjoy your day. Remember to take a few breaths and listen for your own answers because you already have all of your own answers inside of you. Just listen.

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Coming out of the closet . . . yet again.

As you can see, this is my first post for 2018. It’s been quite a journey so far this year. I’ve written a few “draft” posts and will take the time this week to review and get a few of them uploaded. A few health challenges, mental struggles with the good angel/bad angel on my shoulders fighting with each other, and more oral surgery to be scheduled this week. It’s been a year already and we’re only to June 17th!  ha ha ha ha

I am SO GRATEFUL for all the people in my life who have helped me maneuver this. Some have helped more than others and many of you have no idea what a simple text has meant to me. I’m “Coming out of the closet . . . yet again” by being vulnerable. The outside laughter has sometimes been masking over some inner struggles.

As we move through the experience of duality on this planet, at this time, remembering at deeper levels that we are really all one and that we all just want to Love and to Be Loved, I’m being reminded to feel all of it.  Feel the highs. Feel the lows. Feel it all. Be with the experience and feel it.

More to come . . . soon.  I promise.

Feel Peace and BE the Transformer.

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“The Word” for 2018

End of another year. It’s been quite a year. Business is growing and expanding. 5 oral surgeries. A long trip up the east coast to see clients, friends and be part of Gay Pride in DC. Family Reunion at one sister’s near Milwaukee in July and then Thanksgiving back at my sister’s. We joke that the only reason they keep inviting me is because I do dishes . . . and Lots of them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mentally, it’s been a year of the “good angel/bad angel” bickering back and forth. In the grocery store “chip aisle” the bad angel says “buy 2 bags” and the good angel says “don’t buy any”. Typically, I ended up buying 2 or 3 bags. It’s been quite an interesting year of eating habits. Still making energy soup aka pond scum or green smoothies, yet those chips keep being eaten. Weight is down so I guess something is working.

A few weeks ago, Dr. David Ault at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta reminded us that we would be having the “Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony” on December 31st. “Start thinking about what word you want to put on your stone this year”. It’s a process where you write down the things you want to release from this year so you don’t take them into the new year. Those go into the “Burning Bowl”. Then we take White Stones and write one word that we want to take into the next year. I immediately heard my Higher Sacred Self say “FOCUS”.

Then I laughed at myself. I was just starting to look at my year end income numbers, that I’ve been ignoring most of the year, and realized I was up 25%. How did that happen? I was very successfully distracting myself this year with oral surgeries, skating, and other various distractions. How did I have a 25% increase? Imagine what it could have been if I had focused?

Hence, 2018 word is FOCUS. Then came the word “SACRED”.

I’m noticing how I’m taking Sacred to a new level. What if I could see everyone and everything as sacred at a deeper level of awarenessm What if I merged my “business” world more fully with my “spiritual” world and see my clients and my business as Sacred? What crazy ideas have been limiting me from doing this more fully before? How funny . . . Silly Mark.

So, during the service today, I knew I would write FOCUS on my stone but how would I get SACRED on there as well?

FOCUS on one side? SACRED on the other?

Focused Sacredness? Could I get that on one side of thestone?

FOCUSED on one side? SACREDNESS on the other?


Then as I sat there, Annette Mize guided us deeper and deeper into inner listening and it became clear. If the white of the stone is Our Light, our Higher Sacred Selves, ready to shine even more brightly this year, how could anything stop me from being focused? How could anything limit me? I AM that bright Light! I Am Focused. I Am Sacred.

And then it was crystal clear – The “word” for 2018 is SACRED FOCUS! Focus is great but I just get tingles up and down my spine when I say Sacred Focus! Wow.

Here’s to a wonderful year filled with Sacred Focus.

May all of you enjoy a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2018, filled with Sacred Focus of your own.

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When I realized I can’t change the world


Sometime, a long time ago, I always felt like I wanted to make a big difference in the world. And here I sit, 2 weeks after my 56th birthday, wondering, what have I really done for the world? What have I done for others? I could have done so much more. I could be doing so much more.

As I sit here on my bed alone, watching YouTube videos at 8:15 on a Saturday night with the furry purring love machine curled up next to me, I wonder, what more could I have done? I’m home, alone on a Saturday night. By some definitions . . .  what a loser.

The brain is comparing myself to others. Look at all they’ve done. Look what I could have done. It’s almost comical, as I’m writing and actually getting these words on the page, how silly all of this is. The brain is rushing and racing and flying at warp speed. Yet, in this moment, I can breathe the Life of Spirit into every cell of my being. I AM breathing the Life of Spirit into a very very healthy and vibrant 56 year old body. I’m so grateful for this healthy body, this body that is feeling younger every day.

Getting back to YouTube.

I think when I started tonight, I had around 230 videos in my “watch later” folder. I’m down to 182 and then  #122 is When I say “I’m Gay” by Jordan Bach. I couldn’t say it any better.

I feel the same way Jordan. We, as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender and Queer people on the planet, are bringing together the masculine and the feminine aspects of Divinity. We are shining the lights in our hearts so brightly that we are making a difference beyond anything we could imagine.

It only takes one small flame of a candle to illuminate a dark room. Just one small flame. One small light.

It only takes one peaceful person, in the midst of chaos, to bring a light, a ray of hope.

I’ve joked with one of the guys at Skate Escape here in Atlanta that every time I put on my skates and roll through Piedmont Park and along the Beltline I only have one mission (in addition to staying vertical and getting home safely). If I can get one straight guy to put a smile on his face while seeing me dance to the music in my headphones, mission accomplished. One smile. That’s all I need. One small smile to add a spark to someone else’s life. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not limiting this to straight guys. They’re often the most challenging though. That’s all a I’m saying.

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it many many more times.

I don’t care if people are laughing with me or at me, as long as we’re laughing . . . and usually, it’s AT me.

So today, I’m forgiving myself for not changing the world on a big scale. All I need to do is change it one small smile at a time. One moment at a time. One eye to eye connection at the grocery store at a time. One blog post at a time. One belly laugh at a time. Not even one day at a time. Just one moment at a time.

We each have a unique gift to give to each other that none of the other 7 billion people on the planet can bring. We each have our own unique lights to bring to the planet. And when we can take a breath, relax and allow ourselves to genuinely BE our true selves, there isn’t anything else for us to do. Just BE ourselves and let our own lights shine. That brings peace. Inner peace and outer peace.

Please share your comments. I love to hear from you whether you agree with what I’ve written or not. Subscribe. And let’s all breathe and relax a little. Let’s live in this moment together, allowing ourselves to shine our own lights a little brigher and give others the permission to shine their lights a little more brightly.

Feel Peace, and BE the Transformer.



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The Ripples Project

I was looking at my list of Draft Posts today and saw this one that I started October 25th, 2011. A nice reminder to myself to breathe and live in the moment every day. Shortly after this draft was originally written, my mom made her transition before she ever moved out of her house. I truly believe she wanted to see her baby of seven, ie Me, turn 50. She passed away a month after my 50th birthday, the Monday before Thanksgiving 2011. I’m grateful for all the years we laughed together.


The Ripples Project from Paul the Ripply Guy

I’m home after being gone for almost two weeks with a trip to Illinois to spend time with my Mom and all my brothers and sisters as my Mom gets ready to move to a new home in Wisconsin.  Ah.  The only thing constant is change.

I just spent some time at a cool site called The Quote Pond and the pond delivered this quote to me:

I and mine do not convince by arguments, smiles, rhymes; We convince by our presence.
-Walt whitman

I don’t even recall how I discovered the site or when I initially subscribed yet this quote is a nice reminder for me to choose, in any moment regardless of what may be happening around or to me, Peace through my Presence.  I am the one who chooses how I respond to any situation in my life.  And in the “Presence” of the present moment, I decide to be neutral, trusting that everything is unfolding in Divine Order for the highest good of all concerned.  All we have is the present moment.  I heard a quote by a Canadian woman that I’ll paraphrase here “You can’t breath yesterday and you can’t breath tomorrow.” Ah, I feel more peace as I take a deep cleansing breath from my belly (and not my chest).  It’s All Good!!!

They have a free weekly email called “Ripples” that takes only one minute to read and they are great about not sending any spam or marketing emails.

Take a second to visit them: The Ripples Guy.


Namaste Dear Ones . . .

Feel Peace and BE the Transformer . . .

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Gratitude for my Community(ies)

I’ve shared with you before that I’m involved in many communities. Some in the financial world. Some in the skating world, healing modality world, spiritual communities. One of these is a morning Chant Group that meets via a Zoom call every morning at 7:00am. I’m grateful that I’ve given myself permission to miss a morning or two each week and not punish myself anymore for missing. This “giving myself permission” is a huge step for me.

This 7:00am Chant Group is a group that has grown from the Oneness Univeristy in India which is now O & O Academy, and includes One World Academy.  We now have morphed into a group that meditates together instead of chanting together. Who knows what we will morph into next. The purpose of our call is to be “behind the scenese” energetically supporting the upcoming Source And Synchronicities Courses that are scheduled for January 20-21, 2018 on the west coast of the U.S.

Today we were sharing our gratitude lists with each other. What are we grateful for since joining this group? What are we grateful for regarding this group? For me, it’s allowed me to get to know some wonderful people while staying connected more closely with the new offerings from O & O Academy. I shared that I joined the group with selfish reasons; to get me out of bed in the morning. I had fallen into a pattern of lying in bed on social media . . . for hours. Then I would beat myself up after doing this because I had just wasted precious time that could have been used with efforts towards reaching my goals. That self-punisher would take me down the spiral and I would waste even more time.

I’m grateful for this group because it’s given me space. Space to have more compassion for myself. Therefore, I have more compassion for others. That ripple effect.

Some days I still “waste” time and notice that I want to punish myself for wasting this time. I’m realizing that I’m stepping back, taking a breath, looking in the mirror and asking, “What would I say to a friend who is punishing themselves for wasting time?”

I’d tell them to breathe and lighten up. The past IS the past and I can’t do anything to change it. What I can do is breathe in the present moment and be aware. Be aware that I can choose compassion, in that moment. Breathe and be aware of what’s next. What’s in this moment? Compassion. What am I being guided to do next by my Higher Sacred Self, that inner knowing that leads me throughout my day?

Then I take another breath and feel that sense of compassion rising up inside of me. When I feel this compassion, I then notice that I’m safe, I’m free, I’m guided by my Higher Sacred Self. And then I take that next action. I allow myself to relax.

It’s not alwasy easy. The mind and the history of recordings of the mind that I’ve heard over and over and over and over are still playing . . . but the volume is getting softer and softer. I know in any moment that I can choose panic or peace; a limited way of being in the world or an Infinite Way of Being in the world. Fear and punishment or Compassion It can be this simple, if I just allow it. I’m very grateful for my communities.

Enjoy your journey and share your thoughts in the comments.

Feel Peace, and BE the Transformer!

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Are you choosing Panic or Peace?

I must admit when I see people post political issues on Facebook that I often get sucked into it. I’ve been known to repost them as well. I apologize. My intention here is to promote peace. To promote or offer others the option of living in A Beautiful State, A Beautiful Peaceful State.  Sometimes we feel helpless. It’s ok to feel it. Then breathe and choose something else. Re-direct your attention.


Over the past 35 years I have explored and experimented with many spiritual paths, self-help courses, and various healing modalities. I’m also becoming more aware of where I place peoples’ attention. Am I adding to pain and suffering in the world or am I offering more peace? My own inner peace? The Inner Peace of those around me?


Two weeks ago I woke up in a panic attack. I’ve not really experienced these in my life and immediately went to something that would relieve it. No. It wasn’t the beer that would have been my choice in my 20’s or 30’s. I chose to Tap. Yes. EFT Tapping. (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique) I experienced relief in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t know much about it, check out where there are many resources, including the science behind it, and many free guided meditations so you can also feel some relief from the stresses of life and the current happenings in the world.


And if you want to dig in a little deeper and explore peaceful living through some other areas, check out and


I’m very involved in the Oneness Blessing Community around the globe. The daily meditations and practices have also opened a deeper sense of inner peace for me. My connection to my Higher Sacred Self, Intuition, Inner Knowing or whatever you call it for yourself, has also increased dramatically in the past few years. As a Onenes Trainer I’ve felt like I’ve had to be perfect before I share my journey. I’m now realizing that I will never be perfect. I can be authentic, but not perfect. Then I can breathe and feel what’s happening in the moment. Breathe again and choose. Am I choosing to live in a Stressful State or A Beautiful State?


When we can look at anything happening around us, maybe feel the anger and upset, but not be caught up in it and feel trapped by it, then we can choose to place our attention on peace, on living in A Beautiful State. Then we can be a bright beacon of light, a beacon of hope, a grounded, peaceful Being. That inner peace ripples into the world and offers others the option of living in peace.


So go ahead. Read the news article. Listen to the news. But then take 3 deep breaths and decide for yourself whether you want to life in stress and panic, or live in Peace, A Beautiful State. It really can be this easy.

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What voices are you listening to today?

Get ready to laugh at me with this one today. I woke up later than usual and even spent time on Facebook and online which isn’t my preferred way to start the day. I like to get up and do some form of meditation and/or EFT tapping or “feel good” reading to get my day headed in the right direction. Review my goals and listen for the guidance on what to do that’s moving me in the direction of my goals. Otherwise, the critical voices in my head will take over and the day will spiral out of control and nothing productive gets done.

I put the shampoo in my hands and proceeded to wash my face with shampoo. For a split second, the critical voice was starting . . . and then I heard a Karen Drucker song in my head “I Am Only Love”. Well, the words were a combination of Vince Shifflett’s song “I Am Love” and the melody of Karen’s song “There Is Only Love”. I immediately started to laugh. In that moment, I chose to listen to the truth of who I am and that is I Am Love and There Is Only Love.

Today I’m experiencing the benefits of listening to Karen Drucker’s chants in the morning. I’m also receiving the benefits of hanging out with several communities of loving, caring people in the Oneness Blessing Community, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) and so many others where I’ve been involved over the years. Honestly? I don’t like “giving up” my Thursday nights for choir rehearsal at SLCA.  But today, I’m accepting and receiving the benefits, seeing how my “default programming” was set into motion by music and the beautiful piece we sang yesterday at SLCA and the times I’ve sang with Karen at SLCA. Here ara links to both songs. Enjoy!

I Am Love by Vince Shifflett   and   There Is Only Love by Karen Drucker



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Today’s Meditation Insight

There have been many changes and growth opportunities for me lately, well, in the last year, and I’ve been hiding out a bit, afraid to share them. The more I meditate, the more I’m hearing “Mark, you have to share this. Someone else can benefit from this. Stop waiting. We told you this at Mt. Shasta and that was almost 3 years ago.”

So, here goes.

Today, I’m writing while waiting for friends to show up so we can “Shoot he Hooch”. For those of you not around Atlanta, that means we’re going to float ourselves down the Chattahoochee River on inner tubes. Last year my keys spent the night in a cooler on the river that was lost, but that’s another whole story. This year I have a better plan for them.

Well, I had a chance this morning to, once again, beat myself up for not reserving inner tubes. Well, they had some left but “First Come. First Serve.” Perfect. I came early and figured I’d meditate and do some writing while waiting for the rest of the gang to show up. I more easily moved to a place of self-compassion and realized I would be totally taken care of today. No need to buy a tube and life jacket and spend 5 times the rental amount.

I’ve been using a new meditation for the last 3 weeks and step two is where you hum or make a buzzing sound like a bee during the exhale of 8 breaths. Well today, I had a deeper awareness with each inhale that I’m breathing in Lifeforce/Spirit/Health/Life/Universal Energy. Well, then it got even more intense during the buzzing. I literally felt old energies leaving me. Then the awareness that the buzzing in my head and face area is actually causing the old energies that no longer serve me to break up and be released more easily. How cool.

Let’s see where the next one takes me when I do it before bed tonight. Each night I’m doing this meditation with the intention for a healthier and younger me. I’ll keep you posted.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Let’s have a dialog.

Until then, Feel Peace and Be the Transformation!

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