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Are you choosing Panic or Peace?

I must admit when I see people post political issues on Facebook that I often get sucked into it. I’ve been known to repost them as well. I apologize. My intention here is to promote peace. To promote or offer others the option of living in A Beautiful State, A Beautiful Peaceful State.  Sometimes we feel helpless. It’s ok to feel it. Then breathe and choose something else. Re-direct your attention.


Over the past 35 years I have explored and experimented with many spiritual paths, self-help courses, and various healing modalities. I’m also becoming more aware of where I place peoples’ attention. Am I adding to pain and suffering in the world or am I offering more peace? My own inner peace? The Inner Peace of those around me?


Two weeks ago I woke up in a panic attack. I’ve not really experienced these in my life and immediately went to something that would relieve it. No. It wasn’t the beer that would have been my choice in my 20’s or 30’s. I chose to Tap. Yes. EFT Tapping. (EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique) I experienced relief in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t know much about it, check out where there are many resources, including the science behind it, and many free guided meditations so you can also feel some relief from the stresses of life and the current happenings in the world.


And if you want to dig in a little deeper and explore peaceful living through some other areas, check out and


I’m very involved in the Oneness Blessing Community around the globe. The daily meditations and practices have also opened a deeper sense of inner peace for me. My connection to my Higher Sacred Self, Intuition, Inner Knowing or whatever you call it for yourself, has also increased dramatically in the past few years. As a Onenes Trainer I’ve felt like I’ve had to be perfect before I share my journey. I’m now realizing that I will never be perfect. I can be authentic, but not perfect. Then I can breathe and feel what’s happening in the moment. Breathe again and choose. Am I choosing to live in a Stressful State or A Beautiful State?


When we can look at anything happening around us, maybe feel the anger and upset, but not be caught up in it and feel trapped by it, then we can choose to place our attention on peace, on living in A Beautiful State. Then we can be a bright beacon of light, a beacon of hope, a grounded, peaceful Being. That inner peace ripples into the world and offers others the option of living in peace.


So go ahead. Read the news article. Listen to the news. But then take 3 deep breaths and decide for yourself whether you want to life in stress and panic, or live in Peace, A Beautiful State. It really can be this easy.

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What voices are you listening to today?

Get ready to laugh at me with this one today. I woke up later than usual and even spent time on Facebook and online which isn’t my preferred way to start the day. I like to get up and do some form of meditation and/or EFT tapping or “feel good” reading to get my day headed in the right direction. Review my goals and listen for the guidance on what to do that’s moving me in the direction of my goals. Otherwise, the critical voices in my head will take over and the day will spiral out of control and nothing productive gets done.

I put the shampoo in my hands and proceeded to wash my face with shampoo. For a split second, the critical voice was starting . . . and then I heard a Karen Drucker song in my head “I Am Only Love”. Well, the words were a combination of Vince Shifflett’s song “I Am Love” and the melody of Karen’s song “There Is Only Love”. I immediately started to laugh. In that moment, I chose to listen to the truth of who I am and that is I Am Love and There Is Only Love.

Today I’m experiencing the benefits of listening to Karen Drucker’s chants in the morning. I’m also receiving the benefits of hanging out with several communities of loving, caring people in the Oneness Blessing Community, Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) and so many others where I’ve been involved over the years. Honestly? I don’t like “giving up” my Thursday nights for choir rehearsal at SLCA.  But today, I’m accepting and receiving the benefits, seeing how my “default programming” was set into motion by music and the beautiful piece we sang yesterday at SLCA and the times I’ve sang with Karen at SLCA. Here ara links to both songs. Enjoy!

I Am Love by Vince Shifflett   and   There Is Only Love by Karen Drucker



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Today’s Meditation Insight

There have been many changes and growth opportunities for me lately, well, in the last year, and I’ve been hiding out a bit, afraid to share them. The more I meditate, the more I’m hearing “Mark, you have to share this. Someone else can benefit from this. Stop waiting. We told you this at Mt. Shasta and that was almost 3 years ago.”

So, here goes.

Today, I’m writing while waiting for friends to show up so we can “Shoot he Hooch”. For those of you not around Atlanta, that means we’re going to float ourselves down the Chattahoochee River on inner tubes. Last year my keys spent the night in a cooler on the river that was lost, but that’s another whole story. This year I have a better plan for them.

Well, I had a chance this morning to, once again, beat myself up for not reserving inner tubes. Well, they had some left but “First Come. First Serve.” Perfect. I came early and figured I’d meditate and do some writing while waiting for the rest of the gang to show up. I more easily moved to a place of self-compassion and realized I would be totally taken care of today. No need to buy a tube and life jacket and spend 5 times the rental amount.

I’ve been using a new meditation for the last 3 weeks and step two is where you hum or make a buzzing sound like a bee during the exhale of 8 breaths. Well today, I had a deeper awareness with each inhale that I’m breathing in Lifeforce/Spirit/Health/Life/Universal Energy. Well, then it got even more intense during the buzzing. I literally felt old energies leaving me. Then the awareness that the buzzing in my head and face area is actually causing the old energies that no longer serve me to break up and be released more easily. How cool.

Let’s see where the next one takes me when I do it before bed tonight. Each night I’m doing this meditation with the intention for a healthier and younger me. I’ll keep you posted.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Let’s have a dialog.

Until then, Feel Peace and Be the Transformation!

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Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

I’ve been chanting the Moola Mantra 108 times every morning since April 2nd. I missed 2 days while traveling. There is a group of us in the Oneness Blessing Community that has been chanting and then participating in the Golden Light Meditation. Our intent has been to empower the 7 North American venues that are hosting The Phenomenon & The Gift Courses this weekend.

What I’ve learned is that when I put myself in this high vibration every day, the things not aligned with this high vibration are brought up to be released. Hence, I’ve spent a good portion of my time distracting myself from the goals I have in my life. And then I fall to my pattern of beating myself up. And that leads to more distraction and more getting angry at myself and the spiral downward continues.

Then, the light bulb went off this  past week. The voice in my head reminded me that all of these limitations are coming up so they may be felt and released; recycled into pure light so that I may be a brighter light on the planet.

In order for me to feel these limitations and things I’ve judged and labeled “bad” and “I shouldn’t be feeling this way”, I’ve had to step up my level of self-compassion and level of self-forgiveness. As I’ve heard before, this is all part of my journey, lighten up, be with the feelings and emotions, and then DECIDE to LET THEM GO!!! I can decide to let go of them. I can choose to have more freedom in my life. And so can you!!!

If you feel like you’ve been beating yourself up or been pretty hard on yourself, take a breath. Be aware of what is really there and feel it. Go practice whatever spiritual path you’re currently on and allow yourself to expand further into Your Divine Essence.

Remember, You are a Unique Aspect of Divinity, bringing your unique gift to the planet that none of the other 7 billion people on the planet are bringing. Go share that light and that unique gift with the people you come into contact with today. It could be as simple as making eye contact with the people in your life, including the people in the grocery store or at the car wash or wherever. It could be a heartfelt conversation or a simple word. It could also be with a simple intent.

And then, be open to the unique gift that each of them is bringing you today. Allow that into your space so that their unique gift can put a puzzle piece into your life, into your journey.

Namaste. Be at Peace and Feel the Transformation!

Posted by: Mark, Transforming . . . | April 23, 2017

Day 22 and a Few Skydiving Insights

Today is day 22 of joining a group of 6 to 15 people on a zoom call every morning. It’s great to see familiar faces and to share in chanting the moola mantra 108 times together. Our intention is to see the upcoming “The Phenomenon & The Gift” courses filled to capacity, filled with Ease, Grace and Miracles, and that our World Oneness Family  grows.

As you’ve heard me say before, I didn’t know exactly why I was being drawn to do this every morning but that inner gut, intuitive pull, Higher Sacred Self  “nudge”, some slight awareness or whatever you want to call it, was saying “Join the group.” Honestly, since moving into Atlanta last September I’ve gotten into a habit that I’ll label/judge bad. That’s lying in bed on the phone, surfing Facebook and other online sites. Productive? No. Interesting? Maybe. I figured . . . “Forcing myself to get out of bed by 6:00 or 6:15 to be presentable (it is a video conference call after all) will be a more productive habit.” Who knows? Maybe my contribution to this call could actually help someone else on their journey to Awakening and remembering their Unique Gift that they are bringing to the planet.

The energy each morning has been growing. I lead the second 54 chants on Thursday mornings. Each time I’ve lead, I’ve felt like my chants were beating drums with every chant. I could feel the musical vibration shifting the courses in each city and then vibrating into the world filling it with Love, Compassion, Sacredness and Peace.

Today, I feel the same drumbeat with each chant and it expands into every cell of my being. I could see the mitochondria inside each of my cells shining brightly with Golden Light, vibrating Love, Compassion, Sacredness and Peace. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I have the awareness that my energy field extends 150 feet in every direction. Therefore, anyone within that space is being flooded with Golden Light, Love, Compassion, Sacredness, and Peace in addition to being given a safe space to remember who they truly are . . . Joy, Light, Love . . . Existence, Consciousness, Bliss . . . Sat Chit Ananda . . . and given the permission to shine Their Light more brightly and share Their Unique Gifts with the planet (and with me!).

This feels like enough for today. I’ll write more later about yesterday and me jumping out of a perfectly good moving airplane at 14,000 feet . . . TWICE!!! These were second and third jumps for me and Training Level jumps 1 & 2 towards getting my A license from the US Parachute Association! More to come.

Enjoy a Magical day and allow yourself to receive the Grace that is already raining down upon you to enter your heart.

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So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic? Answer #2

So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic?

Answer #2 – Extend Compassion to the drivers and passengers in the cars around you.

It’s been too long since I’ve experienced this exercise but it’s a great one while waiting patiently for all those cars to move.

The Compassion Exercise

So, we have choices on how to deal with this new reality for the next few months. When you want to lay on the horn or flip someone the bird or use a few four letter words, try the 5 step Compassion Exercise instead. And experience the benefits of increased Compassion . . . for yourself and others.

#I85Detour #AtlantaRoadCollapse #LoveWins #Compassion #WeWillSurvive






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So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic Atlanta? Answer #1

So what do you do when sitting in I-85 detour traffic Atlanta?

Answer #1 — Turn on your mp3 playing and let it shuffle. And the next thing I knew, I had the answer to how to handle the added traffic on my street (which just happens to be THE Detour for I-85). Whitney saves the day!!! Well . . . “Love Will Save the Day” by Whitney Houston started playing!

Sometimes life can make you crazy. (Damn fire and lack of roadway)
It can really put your body through the test. (Sitting longer in the car)
You try so hard to make your everything go right
You find that you wind up with a mess (Traffic. Cars. Traffic. Traffic. And More Cars)

Don’t panic when you hit the danger zone.

What you need’s a little change of heart

Love will always play the greater part
When your battles wear you down . . . Here’s my advice

When you’re feeling down & out and you’ve got troubles on your mind
Love Will Save the Day

When you’re feeling full of doubt and fear has got you in a bind
Love will save the day
All you have to do is say a prayer and Love Will Save the Day!

When your world’s falling apart (my world isn’t falling apart, just 6 sections of an interstate)
There’s an answer in your heart so let your light shine on my fear and Love Will Save The Day!

So, I just have to leave an extra 15 minutes to every trip I take with the car. And remember, Love Will Save the Day!!! Thanks Whitney.

#I85Detour #AtlantaTraffic #I85Collapse #LoveWins

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Sweat Lodge Life Lesson

Today was another wonderful, tough, sweat lodge with The Stone Peoples Lodge in Northwest Georgia. I hadn’t sweated in probably 18 months but went last month. Last month and the previous 3 or 4 sweats/lodges were pretty tough for me. Tight quarters. Leg and back cramps. Strenuous breathing with all the steam. And the list of excuses goes on and on.

Today I went with a different intention. I logically know that if I go into a lodge with the intention to support others on their journey, through their experience, then my experience will be much easier. Well, I committed to this intention with a 75% commitment rate. And today, I probably had more of my own physical issues than on the previous several sweats. What I’ll say are allergies kicked in yesterday morning. Feels like golf balls in my throat. Runny nose. Feeling of sand being kicked in my eyes. General lethargy.

You know, Blah blah blah blah blah, with excuses to pull attention to myself.

Well, while standing in line to go into the lodge, waiting to get smudged, I was talking a little bit about the allergy symptoms when I realized it may not have anything to do with allergies. Maybe the symptoms I’m feeling are gentle nudges of energies ready to released in the lodge. hmmm.

I went into the lodge with the intention to support others. I was even ok if I didn’t “make the cut or limit” of only 25 people in the lodge, since we had 30 in it the previous month and it was a very “cozy” lodge. I truly had no expectations and no agenda. I’m at this lodge to see whom I can support.

Well, I made it into the lodge and had a wonderful experience. Yes. It was another very hot lodge. But I didn’t have my attention on how I was feeling because there were 3 or 4 people who were really having a hard time with it.  They were moving through their own limitations and keeping the commitment to themselves to stay in and ride it to the end.

Another opportunity for me to see how much easier life gets when I get the attention off of myself and focus on helping others. I know all I need to do is sit quietly and ask for guidance on what to do next. Life can be, and is, this simple.

The more I sit quietly, or even just breathe in the moment, and stay aware of Spirit, My Higher Sacred Self, the more clearly I hear guidance on what to do next. And usually, I am taken care of beyond my wildest dreams and expectations when I focus on being there for others.

I’m so grateful for another reminder of how easy life can be when I live a Spirit Guided Life!

Thank You Angels.

Thank You Spirit!

Thank You my Higher Sacred Self.

Now . . .

Sit Quietly.

Be Aware.

Feel Love and BE the Transformer.


#LoveWins #LoveIsAllThereIs #HigherSacredSelf #SpiritDrivenLife #StonePeoplesLodge #LifeLesson

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Laugh At Me! I’m Pregnant

Yup. You guessed it. Another opportunity to laugh At me. As you already know by now, the main philosophy that runs my life is . . .

I don’t care if people are laughing with me or at me, as long as we’re laughing. And usually, it’s AT me.

Well, a week or so ago, I went to a new dentist. As with any first time visit to a healthcare practitioner, or any professionals’ office, these days, your visit starts by answering all of these questions regarding past and current medical conditions. Great.  Didn’t notice anything different about this set.  I even signed the HIPAA Privacy Protection guidelines, blah blah blah blah blah.

I was called back to an exam room and the series of pictures and more specific dental questions started. So, 25 minutes into the appointment I’m still meeting with the dental assistant. Without any major surprise, she says “So I see you checked the “yes” box, that you are pregnant. At least you didn’t put a due date.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I remember seeing the question on the form and thought, “Hmmm.  I usually leave this question unanswered. Today I’ll check the “no” box.” Well, somehow I checked the “yes” box.

Who knew a 55 year old man could get pregnant? I didn’t.

But on the other hand, maybe something I’ve been thinking about starting is being born soon. This could be a sign. Who knows?

What I do know, is when you’re starting to take life too seriously and need a little chuckle, think of me. Think of me carrying a baby to full term.

Namaste. Feel Love and BE the Transformer!

#LaughAtMe #ForAGoodLaugh #LightenUp


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It’s all Fake News, how are You choosing to respond?

I just watched a TEDx talk about “astroturf” news. Who knew this even existed. We’ve all heard about “grass-roots” efforts and how it’s grass-roots efforts that actually produce results, etc. Well, “astroturf” is when the third-party researchers and the so-called grass-roots organizations are actually all made up by special interest groups that ultimately have some product to push. It was quite fascinating to listen to these viewpoints. I’ve also attacked “Big Pharma” and “Big Oil” and other so-called special interest groups and this talk was exposing some of this.

We’ve also heard reports about more “fake news” being shared numerous times on social media. I’m realizing it’s all fake news.

I have several friends who are still reeling in fear about the election. I’ve listened to many different sides on this one too and in all the hub-bub about what “should or shouldn’t” happen or what “should or shouldn’t HAVE” happened or “can you believe what was just said?” and all of that, I keep coming back to one, basic truth for me, one reminder for me to do only one thing.

Take the time to do whatever spiritual practice will work in that moment and allow a quieter mind to unfold. Allow a quieter mind to unfold that is neutral; free from the things I judge as positive that I want more of and free of the things I judge negative that I’ll do anything to get rid of. In that quieter mind, I already have all of my own answers. My answers that work for me.

If I continue to place my morning intention firmly in place “All of my actions, thoughts, feeling and intentions align for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.” then how can I do any harm?

Thursday morning I received a voicemail message from one of my vendors telling me that a form I submitted was signed but the data was incomplete and it would all need to be initialed by the client again or completed accurately and signed by the client with a current date. I exploded. What a waste of time this is eating into time that I could be “Productive”. I was so angry at myself that I hadn’t double checked everything before I sent the form for processing and that I would now have to bother the client, look stupid and all in all, “waste time” having to redo it. I even looked at the documents I knew I had completed clearly before sending to the client for signatures and the pdf files were blank. Very very strange. How could these pdf files be blank but they are blank? How?

In the midst of all of this anger, I had a small, spider web thread connection/remembering to something I heard earlier in the week while listening to one of Daniel Scranton’s YouTube videos. “What vibration do you want to bring to the situation, any situation?” Hmmm. What vibration do I want to bring to this situation?

I went to the altar. I sat for a moment and felt my anger. Yes. I even asked over and over – Why? Why? Why? Why? What possible good could come from this? Why? Why? Why? But, what vibration do I want to bring to this situation?

Allowing these questions to be asked and allowing my brain to run wild, gave those voices a safe space to be heard. By being heard, they left. In that moment, I came back to the question “What vibration do I want to bring to this situation? Who do I want to be in this situation?” I chose to come from a place of knowing that I am always in control of how I react and respond no matter what is happening. I am the one choosing. Am I choosing to respond motivated by fear or am I choosing to respond motivated by love. I’m choosing love and peace.

I went a did something else for a few minutes and then reopened the files. I still need the client to sign and date the forms again, but I don’t need to take the time to complete the forms again because the pdf files were already completed. Now, how did that happen? It doesn’t matter how.

What matters is I am reminded that I am the one who chooses how to respond and react in every moment of every day. Love or Fear. I also was reminded that I have my own answers inside. I can always take the time to breathe, relax, and allow whatever is happening to occur. It’s only my judgments on a situation that cause me to suffer.

It is what it is and it isn’t what it isn’t.

It is what it is and it isn’t what it isn’t.

Life can be this simple when we have fake news offered to us 24/7 and we choose to listen from a place of love and then respond from the same place, love. As long as I’m motivated by taking action that aligns for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned, it’s not my job to police others nor their motivations.

Enjoy a more peace-filled, love-filled moment.

#Peace #ChooseLove #LoveWins #FakeNews #ChoosePeace

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